Connor Drinan Wraps Up WSOP Super MILLION$ Bracelet Win.

The World Series of Poker’s last bracelet was claimed by Connor Drinan Tuesday night as he wrapped up the WSOP Super MILLION$ bracelet win.

Perhaps the last bracelet is the World Series of Poker’s sweetest to earn, and that title fell last night to Connor Drinan as he wrapped up the WSOP Mega MILLION$ bracelet victory.

With only the final nine left, there was a lot on the table, including a very fascinating side-bet poker star, but the bulk of the $8.7 million prizepool to compete for first was mainly the problem.

It took only 150 minutes to eventually find a winner as Connor Drinan outlasted the eight opponents that stood between him and a $1.4 million WSOP result that more than equated to all the money he ‘d made before the final in WSOP events.

Drinan ‘s path to glory wasn’t an easy one, but for the short-stacked Kenneth Smaron, who lasted only one hand, it was the worst possible start. He flopped top pair all-in from the big blind with queen-jack, but Christopher Kruk had a straight, flush draw that came in with instant service on turn.

Busting in 8th position, Arsenii Malinov was holding ace-queen and now he called Sylvain Loosli’s all-in with nine-seven in the doomed big blind seat. A nine and a seven on the flop did chances for Malinov and the field was down to seven players.

Kruk climbed into the lead but in dramatic fashion he would go from hero to nil as he bust in seventh place with the same number of players left on the field. He was unhappy to do so, too, losing a chunk of pocket jacks chips when meeting the ace-ten of Kazakhstani player Daniyar Aubakirov, a ten-high straight from Aubakirov doing enough to double on the river in what would be a critical 5th street card worth more than $800,000 when the deal was over.

The tale would run right through until the heads-up, but Kruk ‘s tale was over when his three-bet all-in with ace-jack crashed into Connor Drinan ‘s giant hand of pocket aces.

When the final table action kicked off, Suraj Mishra had led the game, but his race was run in 6th position as he went all-in with pocket tens and saw Drinan eliminate him with pocket nines when a nine landed on the flop.

It would be Sylvain Loosli, after running short and going all-in with king-four, who bustled in 5th position and was named by Drinan, whose ace-deuce was enough to bring another player out of contention.

Drinan ran away with it, and the runaway train just sped up after busting both American player Chris Oliver for $548,450 in fourth place and Russian Viktor Ustimov for $755,754 in seventh.

Aubakirov was the man charged with trying to undo the evidently unstoppable Drinan, and he gave it his best shot, doubling with a short-stack several times when left. However, his luck finally ran out and so did his chances of winning the bracelet for Kazakhstan. With a dominant hand, Aubakirov ‘s ace-jack outran by Drinan ‘s ace-nine, his final chips went into idle.

Thanks to his bet earlier in the series against Daniel Negreanu, Drinan didn’t only win the $1.4 million to go with the WSOP bracelet, as ‘Kid Poker’ previously advertised on Twitter.

Connor Drinan was able to enjoy a historic victory, while runner-up Aubakirov could at least comfort himself to be the only other player in the event to cash for seven figures, winning $1,041,414 thanks in no small part to the miracle just earlier in the day that bumped him five places up the ladder.

Here are all the end table payouts from the action of a dramatic final day. You can watch all the final table action right here in a replay of the final day’s play.

WSOP $10,300-entry Super MILLION$ Final Table Results:  

Place  Player  Country  Prize 
1st Connor Drinan United States $1,423,049
2nd Daniyar Aubakirov Kazakhstan $1,041,414
3rd Viktor Ustimov Russia $755,754
4th Chris Oliver United States $548,450
5th Sylvain Loosli France $398,010
6th Suraj Mishra India $288,836
7th Christopher Kruk Canada $209,609
8th Arsenii Malinov Russia $152,113
9th Kenneth Smaron United States $110,389