PokerMatch Picks Up Prize For Best Marketing Campaign

PokerMatch took home the prize for “Best Marketing Campaign” at the UGW Awards 2021, which took place in Kyiv on Tuesday as part of Ukrainian Gaming Week.

The poker site won the award for its innovative “Poker is Your Sport!” promotion.

Ruslan Bangert, CEO of PokerMatch International, said: “I sincerely believe that with this campaign we really benefit the industry and touch people’s hearts and minds.

“Forming the image of poker as a sport is a long road. And the final step in that journey should be nothing less than the recognition of poker as an Olympic sport!”

PokerMatch’s actions not only state that “poker is a sport!” but also demonstrate its devotion to this motto. The company organises online poker tournaments and sponsors significant live poker tournaments.

Poker is also a game of skill, according to the firm. “Our marketing strategy focuses on poker players above all else. PokerMatch promotes principles of responsible gaming, and we are convinced that it’s the player’s skills and abilities that make it possible to achieve consistent success in sports poker,” representatives of the company said.

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