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Boku is a good alternative for anybody interested in playing real money casino games from their phone since it provides quick and safe mobile deposits that are credited to your monthly phone bill. The San Francisco based tech giant adopted the name “Boku” only recently; it was initially known as Vidicom Limited. If this seems like something you would be interested in discovering more about, then read on.

This article or guide will walk you through the Boku payment method and tell you about the platform and how online casino players can benefit from its many advantages.

We will tell you why millions of online gamblers prefer Boku over other payment service providers and maybe point out a few drawbacks in the platform’s interaction with modern payment needs.

If you have heard about Boku, we’ll tell you more. If you haven’t, brace yourself for an in depth look into one of today’s most convenient casino deposit solutions.

Best Boku Casino Site

Listed below are the best Boku online casino sites where you can make a Boku deposit and claim a welcome bonus.

What is Boku?

Boku uses a relatively simple but convenient concept of carrier billing that lets users make online payments without using their bank cards or disclosing any other financial information. Instead, all the charges are deducted from the user’s mobile phone bill.

Over the years, this small startup has grown to become one of the safest and most trusted payment services providers, with its reach spurning to various online sectors like gaming and virtual sales.

Prominent digital sales platforms like Microsoft Windows Store and Sony PlayStation Store have recognized Boku’s effectiveness, so you can make payments to these stores using Boku. Owing to its tremendous growth and reach, major casino game providers have embraced its services and added it as a payment option for their customers.

Boku is more like an e-wallet (but not) that lets you make payments from your mobile phone, but the transactions are credited to your monthly phone bill and not your bank account. In addition, you can buy goods and services online without disclosing your personal and bank details; you only need your phone number and an identification code.

We have had other companies offering countless payment options for mobile device users, but Boku beats them all in terms of safety, security, and convenience.

With the bank and payment cards eliminated from the scene, transactions are now faster and more private. Online gamblers without bank accounts must be the most notable beneficiaries of this tech development. However, more and more gamblers are ditching conventional payment options like credit card and debit card payments for Boku.

You do it from your phone, enjoy privacy, and usually no transaction fees for using the service.

Why Boku Casinos Are Popular

More and more people are switching to Boku to enjoy the system’s privacy, security, and convenience features. As a result, Boku’s popularity has hit the roof, heading for the skies.

Besides being safe and secure, Boku has proven a fantastic service because mobile phone casino gamblers can make deposits from their devices and have the amounts credited to their phone bills. Mobile phone casino gambling is now easier with this new payment option.

Boku is loved by casino players and casinos alike, as it allows its customers to make fast deposits without compromising safety and security. In addition, funding your online casino account from your mobile phone and the cost being applied to your phone bill has made gambling more manageable and desirable.

There are usually no deposit charges for using this mobile payment method; this may not always be the case, so check the terms and conditions before making a deposit using this payment method. Another thing to note about Boku is that some players might not like a deposit limit, but the convenience features compensate for all this.

Lastly, Boku as a payment service provider does not support withdrawals, so you will need to have an alternative payment option by your side.

Some players fund their accounts multiple times a month but withdraw only once; this platform serves their needs best.

Fast Withdrawals at Boku Casinos

Because of its foundation design, Boku does not support withdrawals. Instead, users must use other payment options like conventional e-wallets and crypto to withdraw winnings.

Aside from being safe to use, these platforms offer speedy withdrawals, which most online gamblers find convenient. E-wallets, for example, allow same-day money movement, while others, like bank transfers, only take a few days.

As you register with a Boku online casino, remember to sign up with a payment services provider or use a debit card for withdrawals. PayPal is known for its fast withdrawals, so it’s worth using PayPal if fast withdrawals are your thing.

Boku Casino Payments – Pros

Safety and security are only the most prominent advantages of funding your casino account through Boku pay, but there are other less talked about benefits you need to hear about.

Zero Transaction Fees

You read it right; paying for service using Boku does not cost you anything. Every amount you send to your casino account reflects the other side.

No Bank Account Needed

Most conventional payment methods verify users’ identities through their bank account details, but Boku’s different; your phone number is enough.

Your phone number acts as your identity in the transaction, and the costs are added to your monthly phone bill. The added privacy is a significant draw for low-key players.


This is what everyone is yearning for, the ability to do things effortlessly. Well, Boku heard you and delivered.

With Boku, you can fund your casino account from the comfort of your couch with a few taps on your device. In addition, you can make all the payments you like without having to reach for your debit card or e-wallet password, as the amounts are charged to your monthly phone bill.


As mentioned, Boku does not require your banking details to effect transactions. This eliminates the chances of your bank details ending in the wrong hands. This aspect protects millions of online casino players from fraud and cyber attacks.

Corny as it may sound, feeding your bank details to sites you have no control over carries dire financial risks.

Fast And Easy Deposits

If you have interacted with other payment options and found them frustrating, you may want to find Boku’s fast action features. There’s no need to download applications; your phone number is all you need.

Open the cashier page on the operator’s dashboard and select the “Pay by Mobile” option. Here you’ll enter your mobile phone number and amount, and that’s it. The system will process the transaction and confirm within seconds.

It Accommodates Mobile Gambling

Most individual gamblers prefer to do it from their mobile devices. Boku understands this and has its system fully built to offer mobile gamblers the perfect experience.

The Boku interface lets you manage your gambling financial needs from any mobile device. In addition, a swift payment method makes it easier to implement your financial gambling plan with the touch of a button.

It Promotes Health Gambling Practices

Boku has a limit of £30 for all deposits to online casinos. This may rule out some casino players, but limiting your gambling budget is perfect. Healthy gambling is about strategy and proper risk management, so you can develop the former while Boku handles the latter.

Casino Bonuses

Not all e-wallets earn you rewards from the casino after funding, but aside from funding your account the conventional way, Boku will get your rewards in the form of bonuses. This is why there has been a rise in the popularity of Boku slot sites, live casino sites, and table games.

Boku Casino Payments – Cons

Despite the long list of benefits, Boku as a payment option has a few drawbacks. They are not too onerous and relatively easy to work around, but we will mention them.

No Withdrawals

With Boku, you can only make deposits; the platform does not support withdrawals. Luckily, every online casino has a second or third payment option. They include bank cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers.

Deposit Limits

With the daily transaction volume capped at £30, it is apparent that Boku was designed to serve those working with a smaller budget. The limit might not be much of an issue to most people, but it can be a nightmare for high rollers.

Before signing up with Boku, consider this: you don’t want to miss fertile gambling opportunities because of money transfer limits.

It Can Lead To Overspending

You only have to deal with the payment at the end of the month, which is convenient but can also be problematic.

The less frequently you view your spending, the more likely you are to spend more than you should. Even the £30 daily spend cap is not enough to curb over gambling as it resets every day, and if your risk management strategy is weak, you will lose money.

As you enjoy the convenient payment features, remember to keep your spending habits in check; Boku’s convenience could easily be your downfall.

Jurisdiction Restrictions

This hits travelling gamblers the most. As much as Boku has strived to make its services accessible to as many people as possible, only 56 countries have access to the Boku payment platform.

If you plan to use Boku, ensure it is available in your country. The same applies to frequent travellers travelling to another country; consider the probability of Boku not working there.

How to Make a Boku Casino Deposit

Boku processes are straightforward and quick if you know what you are doing. Below is the process to follow when depositing money into your casino account using Boku.

Open An Account

The first step is registering with a regulated online casino; all of the casinos featured on this page are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and accept Boku payments. You can click the claim bonus button to be redirected to the right casino area to claim the welcome bonus.

The casino might want to verify your identity and location to secure your account.

Select Boku On The Cashier Section

You’ll open the cashier tab on the casino’s dashboard and select Boku as your preferred payment method. When the tab opens, fill in the required details and click “next” or the button that triggers the subsequent step.

Confirm The Transaction

You will need to enter the number of your mobile phone. You will get an SMS text message requiring you to confirm your number and identity.

You will need to respond to the text message to confirm.

Check Your Account

You just need to go to the banking section of your casino account to confirm that the amount has been deposited into your account. If yes, that is it; you can now gamble with the amount in your account.

How to Withdraw Casino Funds with Boku

The whole Boku concept thrives on the mobile phone billing concept. However, Boku does not allow withdrawals.

When you withdraw, you will have to rely on other payment options, like bank transfers, ewallets like Skrill and Neteller or debit cards.

The absence of the withdrawal feature in Boku has never been much of an issue for most players, as it’s an acceptable trade off for using this handy payment method.

Boku Mobile Casino Gaming

Boku as a payment method was built with mobile device users in mind. If you are a gambler who makes small regular deposits, Boku is the solution your gambling style needs. From your phone, you’ll be able to move as much as £30 daily without paying any hefty transaction fees.

This is why Boku is the perfect payment services partner for online casino players that like to play their favourite games on their mobile phones. Funding your account from anywhere and anytime means you have everything in the palm of your hand without needing anything else.

The system is also fully optimised to offer an all around experience: if you have not used Boku yet, check it out and find out why so many users prefer it over all others.

Best Boku Casino Bonuses

Online gambling owes much of its popularity due to the welcome bonuses that casino sites offer to attract new customers.

It does not matter which games you enjoy playing; almost every game in the established online casinos has a bonus offer.

Most bonuses are free to claim, but a few require the customer to deposit to activate the bonus. Below is a list of some of the most popular casino bonuses you can use when making Boku deposits.

Boku Casino Welcome Bonuses

The most popular casino bonus awarded to players who deposit through the Boku payment platform is the signup bonus. With competition getting more challenging every passing day, almost every online casino has some sought of a welcome offer for new players.

Many online casino players register with a casino for the first time to test its usability. In this case, the bonus provides capital to throw around at the various games before the customer decides.

Before spending your own money, it is safer to test the platform using these bonuses. Welcome bonuses come in different forms.

Deposit Welcome Bonus

If you sign up with a casino and deposit with Boku, the bonus credited to your account is called a 1st deposit bonus. Almost all established online casinos offer reasonable first deposit bonuses to celebrate newcomers.

Most casinos offer this bonus because of its effectiveness as a marketing tool; many online casino gamblers were first lured in by the welcome bonus. The bonus amount is usually calculated as a percentage of the deposit amount, although there might be limits on the amount of bonus they are willing to offer.

Most casinos set the bonus percentage at 100%, but well established platforms can offer bonuses as high as 500%. In simple terms, a 100% bonus equals the amount deposited, while the 500% bonus is the deposit amount multiplied by 5.

If the casino offers a bonus for the second deposit, the percentage will likely fall by maybe half a quarter as you continue to make deposits. In addition to additional cash, many online casinos will offer you free bonus spins that can be used for playing slot games.

No Deposit Welcome Bonus

If you join a Boku online casino and get a bonus without depositing anything, that’s called a no deposit bonus. This is the perfect way to begin your gambling journey since you have nothing to lose aside from time.

You can choose those offering no deposit bonuses when looking for a Boku casino.

Bonus Option For Continuing Players

Bonuses are not reserved for new players, as many online casinos offer bonuses to existing customers. These rewards are meant to encourage engagement and sometimes reward loyalty.

Reload Bonuses

These are rewards offered by online casinos to loyal customers. The terms for these bonuses depend on the casino in question, but they are usually pretty generous.

The casino might reward you monthly depending on your deposits or credit your account with an amount every month.

VIP And Loyalty Programs

If you are loyal to a casino long enough, the house will notice and reward you. Loyalty schemes are usually organised in a hierarchy, with the highest member earning the biggest bonus.

The rewards are usually in the form of loyalty points you can redeem for cash or gamble with.

High Roller Bonus

These are appreciation programs for high spenders. High rollers stake large sums in single bets where they stand to win big or lose big. Online casinos earn big from these players; this creates the need to reward them frequently to keep them returning.

High rollers benefit from the various deposit bonuses because of their high deposits or even receive rewards like tickets to high-end events. You can read more about high stakes casinos if you are interested in finding out more.

Cash Back Bonus

This is a customer’s opportunity to redeem themselves after a chain of losses. It is calculated as a percentage of the total losses incurred in a period and credited to the respective account. You can use it to play any of the games on the platform. Find out more about casino cashback bonuses and how they are useful.

Referral Bonus

This is a referral program run by most online casinos to reward clients who bring in new customers. When you refer the platform to a friend and they sign up, the casino credits you a bonus. The more customers you bring in, the more rewards you get.

Payment Method Bonus

This is a bonus tied to the payment method you use in your deposits. It encourages customers to use a particular payment method, maybe because of low fees or an agreement between the two firms.

For instance, if a casino encourages you to use Boku when depositing, they will credit your account with reward bonuses every time a deposit transaction is confirmed.

Payment method bonuses can be complex read the promotions section to find out more.

A point worth noting is that most bonuses carry wagering requirements-read the terms and conditions carefully to avoid confusion when it’s time to cash in your winnings.

Boku Alternatives

If you are looking for a Boku alternative, then you can use other payment options in place of Boku when in a country without access to Boku or when making withdrawals. These Boku payment method alternatives have different processing times that vary from a few seconds to minutes, while some take days.


E-wallets are very popular in online transactions, with most businesses offering them as a recommended payment method. For example, most online casinos have e-wallets like Neteller, Skrill, and PayPal on their cashier’s dashboards.

Creating an e-wallet account is easy and fast; plus, you can withdraw the funds to your bank account anytime. Depositing to e-wallets is also easy-you can even deposit money to your Neteller account from Boku.

E-wallet transactions take only a few seconds, with confirmations at every step.

Bank Transfers

You can quickly deposit and withdraw funds from your online casino account if you have an active bank account. This works best for high rollers who deposit large sums of money, which would otherwise be flagged down by other payment options like Boku that have transaction amount limits.

Unlike other payment methods, bank transfer takes longer, with transactions dragging on for days.

Crypto Currencies

With the popularity of cryptocurrencies recently hitting the roof, online casino operators have had to adapt or face the consequences. Today unlike before, you can deposit and withdraw money from online casinos into your crypto account.

The most sought-after cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin.

A point to note about transacting in Cryptocurrencies is that their value tends to fluctuate as various economic events happen. So keep an eye out for the crypto prices you use to stay on the safe side.

Bank Cards

These are debit cards that you can easily use in online transactions. They are safe and backed by big banks, so the payee is always safe.

Bank card transactions are also very well monitored-there are fewer cases of fraud during transactions. In addition, the card linked to your main bank account offers you access to a large pool of funds instead of e-wallets.

The most popular credit card and debit card providers include Mastercard and Visa Electron. Online credit or debit card payments are safe, convenient, and fast.

Final Thoughts

Boku, as an online payment method, has proven itself to be both reliable and convenient. In addition, the fast execution makes it the go-to money movement option for many online casino players.

The fact that it is available in 56 countries makes it very reliable, especially for users who rarely travel abroad.

The article above presents an overall view of Boku, its benefits to online casino users, and a few deficiencies in its usability.

Compared to others, Boku ranks relatively high as far as convenience and speed of action are concerned.