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There are a lot of good online casinos that accept American Express as a payment option. It’s no surprise, given how popular American Express is worldwide due to how quickly and safely it handles transactions.

Play Real Money Casinos Using Amex

So you would prefer to place real money online bets at casinos that take American Express. If you’re lucky enough to win, how can you make online deposits and withdrawals from such casinos?

In this article, we’ll attempt to address all of these vital questions, but there’s one thing we need to mention before we get started looking at online casinos that take American Express as a payment option. And, despite the fact that such casinos are trustworthy on their own, we go above and beyond to double-check them and ensure that each casino has a valid license issued by one of the world’s online gambling licensing institutions, has a sufficient number of games to choose from, and offers at least the most basic bonuses to make your online gambling experience more enjoyable.

So the only thing you have to worry about is choosing which gambling site on this page you can make an AMEX deposit with.

What Is American Express?

The American Express firm was formed in 1850, and it now issues about 24% of all credit cards in the United States. American Express offers various cards for your convenience, with some of them being recognised as a payment option for online gambling games.

To put Amex’s scale into perspective, the firm earns over £5 billion each year, and Amex card transactions account for roughly a quarter of all money exchanged through cards in the United States!

There are various AMEX cards on the market, including personal cards, small business cards, corporate cards, and service cards. You’ll probably want to use a personal card on sites that allow American Express as an online payment option, and we’ll show you how to do so in the most efficient way possible so that you can get the most out of your real money online gaming.

AMEX Prepaid Cards

Reloading these cards is possible at any moment. When the amount put onto the card is emptied, it is no longer usable until new money is deposited onto the card’s balance.

American Express Prepaid Card

It’s a secure and straightforward method to manage your money on a daily basis. There are no monthly or transaction fees, and you may load the card with any amount you choose.

PASS Cards

Parents are encouraged to offer their children these reloadable cards. Adults may load any amount onto the card and then check their balances and payments online.

Advantages of Using Amex

American Express, like every other payment method, has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, with the advantages far outnumbering the disadvantages. We’ll highlight a few of the benefits of utilising this payment option.

Your money and personal information are absolutely protected when you use the AMEX as a payment option. The firm uses cutting-edge technology to secure its clients, and we only work with the best American Express casinos to ensure that our readers are safe.

This payment option allows for quick deposits. No more waiting hours for your money to transfer from your bank account to your online casino account – just a few simple actions and you’ll be able to play your favourite games virtually immediately.

The variety of online casinos that accept this payment method for deposits allows you to compare websites and select those that satisfy all of the quality requirements and that you like.

Every transaction you make with their American Express credit card is generally rewarded with ‘points.’ The points you earn can be redeemed for gifts or cashback on your credit card. And Amex’s points are very coveted, ranging from high-end electrical gadgets and apparel to expensive holiday vacations!

Making A Deposit With Amex

It’s simple to deposit into your Amex Casino account.

The procedure for using your card at an American Express online casino is much the same as it is with any other competing card. To use an Amex credit card, for example, you must first select an Amex Casino from the list above and then create an account with that casino.

When it comes to inputting your payment information, choose a credit card as the next choice. You should choose ‘American Express’ from a drop-down list because it is an American Express casino. The casino will next ask you to input your Amex card information, which will often contain the following:

  • The cardholder’s name is written on the front of the card.
  • The number on the card’s front
  • The card’s expiration date may be seen on the back of the card.
  • The CVV code is a four-digit code found near the signature strip on the back of the card.

It should just take a few minutes to complete this process. High roller casino gamers may be intrigued to learn that Amex Casino players have a propensity to deposit more sums than those who use rival credit cards. After you’ve provided this information, you’ll be prompted to specify the amount you’d want to deposit into your American Express Casino account, which should result in a notification indicating that your transaction was successful.

Making A Withdrawl With Amex

In general, an AMEX online casino or sports betting site will not let you use your American Express card to withdraw your earnings. Credit card withdrawals aren’t always possible, and they’re usually confined to Visa and MasterCard cards.

However, you may always use your Amex to make an online casino deposit and then switch to a different withdrawal method (such as checks, wire transfers, cryptos, or another card) when it’s time to seek your payment.

Amex Safety & Security

Amex has an unrivalled reputation for safety and security, and maintaining that image is in the company’s best interests.

You may be confident that both Amex Casinos and Amex use the most up-to-date encryption technology to prevent third-party access to any sensitive client or card information. With 166 years of expertise in the industry, it’s no surprise that American Express Casinos consistently rank first in terms of security.

Amex Bonuses & Welcome Offers

An online gambling website may have the greatest gambling games, the most diverse payment methods, and the friendliest customer service in the industry, but it will not attract gamers until it provides them with the bonuses they desire.

Online casino bonuses are incentives that might provide you with free games or other benefits in exchange for increasing your loyalty to the online casino. In most cases, internet casinos may provide you with the following benefits:

Welcome Bonus

This is the most common online casino American Express bonus that you’ll come across on any online gambling site. An online casino can offer a 100% welcome bonus which means that when you make your first deposit the casino will match what you decide to put in.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to withdraw the bonus right away since wagering requirements will be imposed on the bonus funds, but at the very least you’ll be able to use the bonus to try out some of your favourite casino games.

A casino site may give you extra money not only on your first deposit but also on your second and third deposits, so always double check this information before choosing a website that accepts AMEX.

No Deposit Amex Bonus

An online casino will only typically offer you money if you make a deposit beforehand, for example, to open an account or register your card details and verify your identity. You won’t get much with a no deposit casino bonus it’s typically £5 or £10, but you may use it to test out the games before deciding whether to play them for real money using the AMEX payment option.

Amex Casino Bonus

When you utilise a certain payment method to make your deposits, and an online casino website may offer you a specific bonus for using that card.

Free Spins

This is the most popular online casino bonus among slot players since it allows you to spin the reels. Free spins are generally given out when a new game is introduced or to VIP clients, such as high rollers or those who have spent a lot of time on the same website.

Transaction Fees

However, this high level of protection comes at a cost. The transaction costs are probably why most online casinos refuse to accept Amex as a payment method. While all credit cards have transaction fees, Amex and, by extension, Amex Casinos charge a bit more than its competitors.

As a result, customers who want to use Amex for its speed, security, and other advantages should check out the related transaction costs before making any deposits at an Amex Casino.

Alternatives to American Express

Due to its hefty processing costs, not every online casino likes to offer Amex a payment option. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of other dependable options. Of course, you may make your own judgment and choose which one is ideal for you!


Visa is a well-known payment method that is accepted all around the world. Brits can play at a variety of Visa casino sites. Fortunately, Visa is accepted by many online casinos that welcome players from the United Kingdom. In addition, retailers accept Visa credit cards all around the world. We can tell you that Visa is one of the safest alternatives because it is one of the major payment businesses.


Mastercard, like Visa, is one of the most widely used payment methods on a global basis. Hundreds of Mastercard casinos are currently available, with many of them welcoming new players. Depositing with a Mastercard online casino is secure and simple. Both Visa and Mastercard are excellent choices, and you should not ignore them!

Prepaid Cards

Many casino sites accept gift cards and prepaid vouchers, so this is an option for UK based casino players! Through fast deposits, these businesses provide secure and convenient gambling. They also provide you with greater control because they’re pre-loaded with a set amount. So say goodbye to processing fees, but keep an eye out for other ways to be paid.

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