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Gambling, especially mobile based online gambling, has gained popularity in the recent past, owing majorly to its unique and straightforward execution features. More and more people are warming up to participating in real casino games from the comfort of their homes.

With simplicity and easy execution being mobile gambling’s best selling point, the best online casino sites integrate the fastest deposit and withdrawal options for their customers. But, as a result, they can’t afford their customers to struggle to get their money.

One such option is Payforit; it is on almost every casino site operator’s dashboard. It allows customers to make fast deposits while simultaneously protecting their identity and bank information, a blend of convenience and safety.

In this article, we’ll tell you how Payforit can work for you as an online gambler, the benefits, and maybe mention a few drawbacks.

Best Payforit Casino Site

The list below is the best Payforit casino sites:

What Is Payforit?

Payforit is simply what the name suggests; it is a service that lets you make deposits and payments. The only difference or advantage is that the amounts are added to your monthly phone bill or deducted from your pay as you go credit.

Payforit is backed by some of the world’s largest telecoms, including Virgin, O2, EE, and Vodafone. These companies are all investors in the service.

Payforit was established in 2012 but did not pick until later in its existence. As a result, it faced fierce competition from other already established payment service providers before users embraced its operational concept.

Who Can Use Payforit?

Any online gambler with access to a mobile device can utilise Payforit to fund their gambling accounts from the comfort of their homes.

Payforit is a popular casino payment method with online gamblers, pushing more online casinos to integrate the service into their payment options list. As the payments are added to your phone bill, it is highly advised, however, that you keep track of your monthly spending as the idea of gambling with other people’s money can lead to over gambling.

Payforit as a payment service provider is excellent for gamblers as users’ bank account details are not required to provide any form of banking information. You will never need to hand over your debit and credit card details, eliminating the possibility of online fraud.

The service, as effective as it is, we must say, does not support withdrawals. Users can, however, utilise the easily accessible alternative withdrawal options available. In addition, every Payforit online casino offers customers an alternative withdrawal method.

Another point worth adding is that Payforit works on every mobile phone. Some users believe the service works for them because they use iPhones, but the truth is, even 20 years old mobile devices could easily access the service and make payments conveniently.

As long as your device allows SMS messaging, you can use Payforit anytime.

Payforit Casino Payments – ­Pros

With Payforit, you can make online casino deposits on the move or from home with only a mobile phone. As a result, the Payforit payment service is gaining massive popularity among online gamblers and other technology consumers.

Listed below are the main benefits of making your casino deposits via Payforit:

Works Well For Recreational Gamblers

Payforit has a deposit limit set at between £3 to £30. This is the perfect arrangement for a casual gambler with a tight risk appetite. Unfortunately, few payment services let users make small deposits and get away with it; they usually impose more considerable fees. You can check our current list of minimum deposit casino sites and see which our experts think are the best.

Deposits Are Added To Your Phone Bill

With conventional payment services, the amounts transacted are debited to your bank account almost immediately, but with Payforit, you can transact without paying for up to 30 days. Your expenditure is added to your monthly phone bill.

Therefore you can deposit money into your casino account but only have to foot the bill at the end of the month.

Your Card Details Are Safe

Most online fraudsters gain access to your bank account through the information you share online.

Payforit is safe because you will never need to divulge any information about your banking cards or your bank account, for that matter.

The Payforit concept is subject to less fraud since no one can hack your monthly phone bill. In addition, you only need your phone number to effect a casino deposit through Payforit.

Casino Bonuses

Did you know you could get rewarded for depositing money into your online casino account? To encourage new signings, operators are now rewarding users for making deposits via Payforit.

The rewards are in the form of bonuses mainly awarded to new customers, although there are packages for existing customers.

Some online casinos offer new customers a welcome bonus as an incentive to sign up with them. That means that for every deposit you make via Payforit, the casino awards you a bonus as a percentage of the initial deposit or free spins. In many instances, you can claim both.

However, you should know that the bonuses offered by casinos carry wagering requirements and terms and conditions you must follow.

Payforit Casino Payments – Cons

Payforit as a payment service provider comes with a few setbacks worth mentioning. These should not, however, erode the faith you have in Payforit, as the service has proved itself to be effective and very safe.

No Withdrawals

The first disadvantage of using Payforit to make casino payments is that it does not support withdrawals. This should be pretty obvious from the fact that the service does not operate an e-wallet.

Since the amount is deducted from your monthly phone bill, there is no withdrawal channel, as the operators cannot credit it to your phone bill. However, the good thing about all this is that every decent online casino operator has an array of withdrawal methods to support Payforit.

£30 Daily Deposit Limit

When using Payforit, you can only transact a maximum of £30 daily. This might be an issue for high rollers but casual gamblers; it is the perfect risk management strategy.

The fact that you can only deposit 30 Euros a day will limit how much you gamble every day.

15% Processing Fee

You have to pay for this to enjoy all this convenience. It might be slightly higher than other payment options, but the safety and convenience features may be something you are willing to pay extra for.

Remember to factor in the transactional fee as you decide your transaction amounts.

How To Pick A Payforit Casinos

We’ve talked to you about Payforit casinos and their benefits. The most obvious question at this level must be: How should I pick a Payforit casino?

The process is quite simple; it revolves around gauging the operator’s ability to deliver exceptional service while still adhering to the safety protocols.

Some of the factors you should look into include:


Always verify your online casino is licensed. Licensing proves that the operator is answerable to regulation and will avail themselves to the regulators for dispute resolution.

Each country has a regulatory body for gambling operations; visit their website for information about the online casinos regulated in your country.

Working with unlicensed operators puts you at risk of mistreatment and possible fraud.

Variety Of Games

The best part of online gambling is the freedom to play different games from one device, don’t let your casino company take that away from you. As you select your online casino, look at the number of games on offer and their quality.

A decent online casino should have a game for every player’s style. So you should expect the conventional online slots, the recently developed video game slots, an array of table games, and a live dealer.

Another area you can look at is the provider supporting the online casino with the best casino software options in the industry, including NetEnt, Evolution and Microgaming.


Payforit casinos offer bonuses left, right, and centre to attract new customers. The first bonus to expect is the welcome bonus you receive after signing up.

There are also rewards for existing players; no one is left out. The rewards range from bonuses, free spins and cashback offer to live casino offers.

Go with the casino operator with the best offers but remember to read the wagering requirements.

Reasonable Fees

Processing fees can be frustrating; ensure the platform you sign up with is reasonable. For example, Payforit might be free, but the online casino is not, so you have to factor in these fees before clicking that button.

The good thing is that multiple established casinos charge nearly nothing when processing transactions. Read our casino reviews about the various casinos to find the best choice for you.

Alternative Withdrawal Options

With the withdrawal option non existent in Payforit, you will need to ensure the Payforit casino you settle on has other payment methods through which you can withdraw your winnings.

You can expect methods to include credit and debit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers. In addition, some sites offer crypto withdrawals if you are a believer in cryptocurrencies.

Customer Support

These are the channels through which you can reach out to the Payforit casino when you have an issue. Poor customer support can be demotivating if the problem affects your ability to play.

A decent online casino should have multiple channels through which you can communicate your problems and solve them as quickly as possible.

There is no fun in working with a casino whose customer service you cannot rely on.

How To Make A Payforit Casino Deposit

Payforit casino deposits are easy and quick; following the simple instructions below:

Register With A Payforit Casino

The first step is, of course, registering with a Payforit online casino. You will then need to create an account to reflect the money after effecting payment.

You must enter your name, address, mobile number, and email. From here, you’ll just settle on a username and password; this is what you will use whenever you log into your casino account.

Select Payforit

Open the casino account and go to the cashier section. Here, they will show the various payment methods available click on Payforit to open the Payforit transaction screen.

The screen displays information about your transactional costs and maybe anything about your money and the service. Ensure the information displayed on the transactional screen is correct before finalising the transaction.

Enter Mobile Number

Now, enter your mobile number. The system can automatically detect your number if you use mobile data, but if your device is connected to Wi-Fi, you will need to key it in manually. After that, your number will receive a confirmation code-feed it to the system.

Complete Transaction

You only need to confirm that everything is in order at this stage and click “buy now”. This will finalise the transaction and move the funds. The money should reflect in your casino account in time.

How To Withdraw Casino Funds With Payforit

Unfortunately, Payforit does not support withdrawals. Instead, players must select a second payment method like VISA and Skrill to access winnings. These payment methods are also safe; every casino must review the payment service providers they expose their customers.

After settling on a payment method to withdraw your money by following these steps:

From the cashier’s tab on your online casino website, select the preferred payment method for withdrawal and enter the withdrawal amount.

Remember to keep an eye out for the transaction fee; when you are satisfied, confirm the transaction. After the withdrawal is effected, you only need to hold tight as the casino processes the withdrawal; the waiting time varies from casino to casino.

When the processing period expires, the casino will release the money to your preferred payment service provider from where you can access it.

The process might take hours or even days, but you can check out our list of the fastest withdrawal casino websites to see which ones are the best.

Online Casino Payforit Transaction Limits

If you are a high roller or simply one who spends larger amounts at online casinos, Payforit is not for you; the daily transaction limits will only frustrate you.

The £30 limit makes the service only suitable for those playing real money casino games with a smaller budget.

Payforit Mobile Casino Gambling

With almost every service provider shifting their operations to the online space, gambling has to give in to the pressure; you can now enjoy gambling from your mobile device.

With a mobile device, you can play high stakes casino games without fear of downtimes or access denial issues.

Payforit allows you to deposit money into your online casino account in very swift actions without leaving your house. More and more casinos have also come to accept Payforit and are now offering it as a payment option to their customers.

Some of the world’s largest mobile carriers cover Payforit; this guarantees that your transactions will never fail, and you will never miss a Payforit casino offer.

Fast execution of payments is a crucial part of winning in the online casino gambling world that does not get as much attention as it should.

Payforit Casino Bonuses

Due to its massive popularity in online transactions, casino operators are eager to bring this service on board. These casinos offer casino bonuses to Payforit gamblers to entice them to continue using the service in their deposits.

This has led to Payforit casino bonuses, where customers get rewarded for funding their accounts through Payforit.

Not only can newcomers to casino sites benefit, but existing players can also enjoy playing at Payforit casinos. Payforit casinos are offering ridiculously enticing bonuses to their existing customers. These include reload bonuses which can carry up to 100% deposit matches and free spins.

Smart Payforit casino players are ever looking out for bonuses; you should, too, as this increases your chances of winning more because you have a larger bankroll to play with.

Payforit Alternatives

If Payforit does not work for you, maybe because of the transaction limits or something else, there are other options you can utilise to make online casino deposits. These alternatives are equally safe and easy to use each payment method, Payforit included, has a unique selling point that makes it stand out.

Below is a list with some of these alternatives-you can look at it and make your choice.


Boku and Payforit utilise the same operational concept. Boku adds your expenditure to your monthly phone bill. The only weakness in Boku is that many mobile carriers only support it.

Before settling on Boku as a payment option, ensure your mobile carrier backs it to avoid confusion.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is similar to Braintree in its working model. It acts as the connector between your online casino operator and your bank or card insurer.

It is so secure that customers can use touch and Face ID to protect their money. However, it serves debit card users only, so credit users might need to look at another option. Nevertheless, as a third party payment service, Apple Pay has proved safe and effective in moving small and large sums of money.


These are the most popular alternatives for Payforit among online casino gamblers. But, unfortunately, they all have one thing in common-speedy executions.

They include PayPal, EcoPayz, Neteller and Skrill and are available in almost every established online casino plus, they come with several verification features to secure your money.

If Payforit is not working for you or you need a withdrawal option, you can check out one of these E-wallets and enjoy the convenience they carry.

Final Thoughts

For the few years that Payforit has existed, it has proved to be the solution online casino players were yearning for.

It revolutionised online gambling by introducing more straightforward and safer ways to deposit money into casino accounts.

The service owes its effectiveness to, among other things, the fact that it is supported by multiple mobile carriers who allow it to offer its services to its customers.