Maestro Casinos

Maestro Casinos

Today, there are many payment options, as online casino sites make it difficult for players to decide on the best option. The debit card issued by Maestro is one of the most convenient payment methods available to you. In this guide, we have compiled all the information you need to know about this card, including all the information about the card itself and which casinos accept the card, and put it all together in a convenient format for you to read and use.

Online casinos have grown in popularity over the past few years, thanks to the accessibility of internet connection and the availability of smart devices like computers, tablets and smartphones. This means that individuals can gamble in the comfort of their homes, offices or on the go.

Millions of people around the world gamble through online casinos daily. This has increased the need for fast, secure and reliable payment methods like debit cards, e-wallets and third party payment systems like Maestro.

The aim is to ensure customers perform online transactions conveniently without jeopardising their security. But there are payment systems that have enjoyed massive success over the past few years.

Best Maestro Casino Sites

The best casino sites that accept Maestro cards for deposits and withdrawals are listed below. We have also included a link to each site’s casino review to learn more about it.

What is Maestro?

Maestro is a payment system developed by Mastercard. It can be used for online gambling transactions anywhere that accept MasterCard. Most casino players choose it over other payment systems because it’s fast, secure, reliable and offers impressive bonuses.

It is accepted by millions of merchants and ATMs worldwide and allows users to make payments quickly and easily.

The Maestro card was introduced in 1991 and rolled out in the UK in 1994. There are more than 23 million Maestro cards in the UK and many more worldwide. With a Maestro card, you can shop online, withdraw money from an ATM or make person-to-person payments using your mobile phone or computer.

Given the popularity of the card, it will come as no surprise Maestro online casino sites have become popular with casino players. Especially since the UK Gambling Commission has banned using credit cards for online gambling.

Although Mastercard produces Maestro cards, they’re different from Mastercards in terms of use. Maestro cards are debit cards. Master cards, on the other hand, are debit cards, credit cards, and prepaid cards.

Maestro Casino Payments – Pros

Listed below are the main reasons why the Maestro debit card is used by casino players when making deposits and withdrawals at online casinos.

It’s Accepted Worldwide

MasterCard is one of the world’s biggest credit/debit card companies. Because Mastercard owns Maestro, it’s accepted at all casino sites that accept Mastercard. As of this writing, Maestro is accepted at about 15 million points of sale outlets in 93 countries. That means you can make Maestro casino payments from those countries. You can also use your Maestro card to shop (both online and offline) in those locations.

The Maestro network is available in most countries around the world. So, if you live in Europe, North America, South Africa or Australia, there shouldn’t be any problems with making deposits or withdrawals at online casinos accepting Maestro.

No Risk of Overspending

You’ll only be able to spend the balance on your account, which is why Maestro deposit payments are popular when playing your favourite casino game online.

Real Time Transaction Notifications

Maestro cardholders are notified, in real-time, when a transaction has been made on their account. This is done via SMS or email, and the notification includes information about the amount and date of the transaction and a description of what it was used for.

The Maestro system also records all transactions made with your Maestro debit card, which can be viewed at any time through your bank’s website. These records can be used to confirm that your card hasn’t been stolen or misused by anyone else.

No Fees on Deposits and Withdrawals

Maestro online casino payments don’t have any fees attached to them. You can deposit as much money as you want without additional charges. This is good because it allows you to play for longer and more frequently.

Additionally, you will get your winnings back quickly, which is essential for any online casino player and one of the main benefits of the Maestro payment method.

Some payment methods, like Pay By Mobile payments, do not allow withdrawals. So you will need to make a withdrawal with another payment method. This is where using the Maestro withdrawal option benefits those wishing to take money out of the casino account.

Instant Casino Deposits

Maestro payments are instant, much like e-wallets and credit card payments. You can instantly make deposits, so you don’t have to wait hours or days for your money to arrive. When you make a maestro casino deposit, the amount is instantly deducted from your bank account and deposited into your casino account.

Maestro Payments Are Safe

Maestro payments are safe because they use the same technology as credit card and debit card payments. The 3D Secure system (Verified by Visa / MasterCard Secure Code). You’ll need to enter your password every time you purchase or withdraw.

So, even if someone manages to steal your card details, they won’t be able to use them without knowing your password.

Also, all transactions are made through 128-bit SSL encryption which means that all your details are kept safe while being transferred from your computer to theirs.

Also, if you follow some essential safety tips like not giving out your card details on suspicious websites or not leaving your card with more money than necessary. In that case, there’s nothing to worry about when using Maestro cards at online casinos.

Quick and Easy to Use

Maestro casino payment options are quick and easy to use. All you need is your card number, the CVV2 security code on the back of your card (the three-digit number) and the personal password you created when adding your card to a payment system.

The process takes less than two minutes, and most online casinos will have a clear guide on using this deposit method if you don’t know how to do it already.

No Hidden Charges

There are no hidden fees or charges that might surprise you after making a withdrawal. You can add as much money as you want or withdraw it all in one go. There won’t be any extra fees added on top of the standard transaction fee (which is usually 2-3%).

Maestro Casino Payments – Cons

You need to be aware of some things when using Maestro as a payment method.

Limitations on Deposits and Withdrawals

The good news is that Maestro withdrawals are available at most online casinos. The bad news is that not all allow players to make deposits using this payment method. Furthermore, even if you do find a casino that accepts Maestro deposits, it’s still possible for them to limit the amount you can deposit per month (or even per week) to prevent you from depositing too much money and withdrawing it all immediately.

You May Need Two Different Cards

Most people will only have one Maestro card issued by their bank. But some banks (such as NatWest) issue two types of Maestro cards. One version is for internet use, and the other is for in-store purchases. If you have a NatWest card and want to deposit at an online casino, your bank may require you to use their other (in-store) card instead of the one they issued you when they gave you your account details.

Withdrawal Fees May Build Up

A common problem with Maestro withdrawals is that some casinos charge a withdrawal fee for this payment method. This may be a flat fee (such as £5) or a percentage of your withdrawal amount (such as 5%). Either way, you’ll have to pay it, which can take away your winnings if you’re not careful.

Some Online Casinos Don’t Accept Maestro

Unfortunately, some online casinos don’t accept Maestro payments at all. If this is the case, you may need to use a different payment method to play for real money, such as Visa or Mastercard.

How To Pick A Maestro Casino

Maestro is not just a payment option; it’s also a guarantee of a certain level of security and trustworthiness. Maestro is a network developed by MasterCard, so all casinos that accept Maestro payments must meet the same security standards as MasterCard.

Maestro is not the only method of depositing you can use at an online casino. There are plenty of other options like Visa, Skrill, Neteller or Bitcoin. However, if you want to be sure that your financial information will be kept confidential and that your money will be handled with care, then you should go with Maestro.

This doesn’t mean that you should avoid any casinos accepting Visa or Bitcoin. If the relevant authorities license them in the countries they operate in; they should be equally safe to play at as those accepting Maestro.

It’s always important to read what each online casino says about their deposit methods and ensure it meets your requirements before signing up. If there isn’t anything written about what payment options they accept, then check out their FAQ section. Sometimes this information will be hidden away, but it’s there if you look hard enough.

Another thing worth noting is that while many online casinos accept international players (including those based in the UK), some don’t accept players from certain countries or regions worldwide. The United States, for example, has several online casinos that don’t accept players from there. So if you are from the U.S., then be sure to check this out before signing up.

If you have any problems with a payment method at an online casino, it’s best to contact customer support and ask them about it. You can usually find a link to their support section on the website or by logging into your account and looking for a help section. This is where you’ll find all the information about how to get in touch with customer support and how long they will take to respond.

Some casinos have 24/7 live chat support, while others have email contact only or even no customer service at all. It’s best to contact them through whichever method suits your schedule; otherwise, it could take days for your query to be answered. Some casinos even have telephone helplines. But these are more useful if you have problems making deposits rather than withdrawals.

If you ever lose money while playing at an online casino, there is nothing they can do about it. Remember that gambling is risky no matter where you play, so always set yourself some limits and never gamble more than what you can afford to lose.

How to Make a Maestro Casino Deposit

Two steps must be performed if you want to use Maestro as your payment option at online casinos. Firstly, you need a bank account with an international debit card.

Secondly, you should register for the service and get the card itself (the process takes up to seven days). Once this is done, all you need do is select Maestro as your payment option in the banking section of any casino site and proceed from there.

Some sites will require additional information, such as a copy of your ID, which you will need to upload or fax.

You must log in and select the relevant option from the banking page whenever you want to deposit at an online casino that accepts Maestro. You will then be asked for your card number, expiry date and security code (the three-digit number on the back of the card).

Once the site has verified this information, your money will arrive instantly – with no risk of overspending.

You can also make deposits using your mobile phone; some are mobile casinos with no deposit where you can try them out for free. Simply download one of the many mobile casinos that accept Maestro payments and follow their instructions to deposit money. The process is quick and easy – remember that the minimum deposit amount is usually higher than at regular online casinos.

How to Withdraw Casino Funds with Maestro

If you want to withdraw money from an online casino using a Maestro card, simply go to the cashier section of your account and choose how much money you wish to withdraw. Then click ‘Withdraw’ and provide all relevant details (such as your card number). The funds will be transferred instantly, within a few hours at most.

Maestro Mobile Casino Gaming

Since Maestro is a MasterCard, it’s only natural that the majority of Maestro casinos are also mobile casinos. This means you can play all your favourite games on your mobile anytime or night, wherever you happen to be.

You can also make deposits using your mobile phone. Simply download one of the many mobile casinos that accept Maestro payments and follow their instructions to deposit money. The process is very quick and easy. Remember that the minimum deposit amount is usually higher than regular online casinos.

Maestro Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Most Maestro Casinos offer a welcome bonus to all new players who sign up for their site. In some instances, certain payment types are excluded from the bonuses. This is due to the fees involved, and some casino players use certain payment method types to partake in bonus abuse schemes.

Listed below are the common casino bonus offers you can claim when signing up as a new customer.

Matched Deposit Bonus

This is the most common welcome bonus offered by casino sites to a new customer signing up for the first time. Usually advertised as a 100% deposit bonus or even as high as a 400% deposit bonus the casino will boost your initial deposit with bonus funds when you first sign up.

An example may be a 200% deposit bonus whereby if you make a £10 deposit, the casino will add £20 in free bets as a welcome offer. Debit card transactions are always accepted with this type of casino promotion.

Free Spins Bonus

Free spins are very popular with casino players, with slot machines featured in many online casinos. Some come as free spins when you deposit x amount. Some free spins come as free spins with no deposit needed offer, and some free spins promotions are offered as free spins with no wagering casino bonus.

Many free spins promotions will require you to register your card details to verify your identity. Since Maestro is a debit card, it can be used with this type of promotion. One thing to not however with free spins is that the winnings are usually capped with a max bonus and can only be used a selected game.

No Deposit Bonus

The no deposit bonus offer is one of the most popular promotions because it usually has a cash value that can be used on any casino game and slot machines. You can even use it in an online casino’s live casino area, which is why they are so popular.

The most popular bonus is the £10 no deposit bonus offer available at all of the best online casino sites in the UK.

Cashback Bonus

A cashback bonus usually comes as money back if the bet loses, or some casinos offer existing customers a percentage of their losses back in the form of cashback that is typically used as a loyalty scheme.

Maestro Alternatives

Listed below are some alternatives you can use if you are unsure if Maestro is the right option.


If you want to deposit in an online casino but do not want the money debited from your bank account immediately, then an e-check might be a good choice. This type of deposit does not require that funds be immediately debited from your account, allowing more time before the transaction goes through.

Withdrawals are typically processed within 24 hours of the request being made. However, some casinos process withdrawals on weekends as well. Some withdrawal requests may take longer due to security measures or other factors involved in processing them.


If you are interested in using a prepaid card to deposit in online casinos, then a Paysafecard might be another option. This deposit is very convenient because it takes just a few minutes.

Your Paysafecard will need to be verified before you can make an online casino deposit using it. But this verification process is simple and quick. And the good thing is that many online casinos accept Paysafecards.


PayPal is one of the most popular payment methods for making deposits at online casinos. PayPal deposits usually take about 30 seconds or less to complete, making them one of the fastest options for making your initial deposit at an online casino. You can find out more about PayPal casinos and their benefits.

Withdrawals made from your PayPal may take longer than withdrawals made from other payment methods because they must go through your bank first before being sent back to you. However, most withdrawals should be processed within 24 hours of the request.


Skrill (Moneybookers) is a popular online payment system with over 31 million customers in over 200 countries. This service was launched in 2001 and is available in more than ten languages. Skrill allows you to make deposits at online casinos, shops and other businesses that accept this type of payment.

Skrill should not be confused with prepaid cards, which are similar but have specific differences that make them different products. The prepaid cards do not require any type of registration or email address. But, they limit how much they can hold and cannot be used as a payment method at an online casino. Read more about Skrill casinos and what options are available.


Neteller is another eWallet that players commonly use to fund their online casino accounts and make withdrawals. Neteller has been around since 1998 and was one of the first eWallets available to online gamblers.

Neteller is owned by Paysafe Group, which is based in the Isle of Man. This company also owns Skrill, which is a competing eWallet provider. Therefore, both companies offer similar services but with a few notable differences in their work.

Neteller can be used to deposit money into an online casino account, and it can also be used to withdraw money from your account back into your personal bank account, or you can use it to transfer your money directly to a prepaid card you have linked to your Neteller account.

Neteller is a great way to deposit and withdraw money from your online casino accounts. However, you must choose the best casino that offer Neteller since some casinos charge higher fees than others.

Final Thoughts

Maestro is an excellent option for those who want to make casino payments without worrying about fees. It’s also a safe and secure payment method because it uses the same technology as credit cards and debit cards. So, you’ll have peace of mind when playing your favourite casino games.

And with the rapidly growing need for real-time transactions by customers, Maestro payment reigns supreme because it offers instant deposits. So, it’s easy to see why Maestro is the best payment method for online casino deposits and withdrawals.