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Online casino gamblers who dislike credit cards and conventional e-wallet transactions will find Zimpler much more accommodating. This new and unique payment method allows users to fund their casino account through pay by phone by linking their mobile number to their credit or debit cards.

The service has seen enormous growth in its customer base, and it is prevalent among players in the Nordic countries of Finland and Sweden.

Best Zimpler Casino

The best Zimpler online casino websites are listed below, and the welcome offer you can claim when you sign up as a new customer. Each Zimpler casino site has been rated and reviewed by our team of experts.

What is Zimpler?

Zimpler is a financial services provider that came to be in 2012 under the stewardship of Johan Friis and Kristofer Ekman Sinclair, who ran the tech firm Smart Payments Nordic. They first settled on the name “Pugglepay” before changing it to Zimpler.

Smart Payments Nordic was swift to market its service to online casino operators, and after only one year, it had signed multiple casino partners.

In 2014, the company was among the finalists for the coveted Nordic E-commerce Newcomer of the year award. This was an impressive achievement, considering that the company served the online gambling industry only, limiting its market significantly.

Johan and Friis have made great efforts to make their concept as secure as possible by eliminating and aligning the weak points.

The Swedish Financial Services Authority took no time in granting this new and convenient solution the certification it needed to hit the international market, and Zimpler is now in multiple European countries.

With the name simplified from Pugglepay to Zimpler, the company is set for greater heights as it now focuses its marketing in the more significant European market.

Zimpler Casino Payments – Pros

Adopting the Zimpler payment method in your online casino transactions comes with multiple benefits so no wonder more and more established online casino platforms are adding it to their list of deposit methods.

If you have been using e-wallets and have a smartphone, then Zimpler is an option you should explore. Its framework is designed to serve mobile device users with zero or minimal hinges.

Listed below are among the most prominent benefits.

It Is Safe And Quick

With fraud cases on the rise, every online gambler or simply anyone transacting online is looking for an option that offers speed and security.

As far as security is concerned, Zimpler employs high level encryption and anti fraud technology to protect its users’ accounts from unauthorised access. As a result, Zimpler users are subjected to multiple levels of safety only, comparable to those experienced by PayPal and Skrill users.

Zimpler is rated highly by users in all classes as a payment service provider. Most praise its swift execution features, making the whole deposit and play concept much more effortless.

It Is FCA Licensed

The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority licenses Zimpler, so this clears any doubt potential users may have about its ability to deliver safe money transfers.

Every Fintech firm serving Sweden must bear the FCA license, and before the license is issued, the subject firm must prove that its service is safe and secure.

It Offers Privacy

Privacy in online transactions has become quite an issue in recent years, with more people opting to make their online payments anonymously due to security or data handling and usage concerns.

Users must input their banking and personal information whenever they make an online payment through conventional payment methods. Unfortunately, not everyone is ok with sharing their address and bank account numbers online with online casino websites.

Zimpler gamblers are exempted because they can comfortably fund their online casino accounts without disclosing personal information as the service only needs your mobile phone number to effect payments.

Users Can Budget Better

Over gambling and revenge gambling is a plague that most players struggle with. Zimpler, as a payment method serving the online gambling market, has features restricting players’ spending, promoting healthy gambling.

Most online casinos encourage proper gambling habits, but the effort is not matched on the payment service providers’ side. So Zimpler sets itself aside by protecting its users from excess losses.

Players at Zimpler casinos can easily set an amount limit beyond which they will not gamble by choosing the amount to deposit beforehand. The service also monitors your win and loss rate more efficiently.

Reliable Customer Support

Online transactions, or any form of financial transactions for that matter, can be stressful, especially when the payer is not familiar with the service in question; this creates the need for support services that should be easily accessible at all times.

Zimpler understands this and has a team of trained and equipped support staff at your service. They will answer your queries and advise you on the best ways to utilise their services.

Zimpler has a customer service platform where you can ask questions about the service while reading other users’ questions- this is the most popular approach.

The second option is contacting the support team through email or social media chats if you are a Zimpler casinos player.

No Fees

There are many benefits of using Zimpler as your payment method of choice when playing at an online casino. These include not having to pay any fees associated with depositing at the casino when using this method.

Because of this, the Zimpler casinos that we recommend on this site are the ones that we feel are the best in the business, and therefore we recommend them on the site. It should be noted, however, that some casinos may impose a fee for using this payment method; as a result, you should always read the payment methods section of the casino itself before making any deposits or withdrawals.

Zimpler Casino Payments – Cons

Zimpler has around 100 000 active users right now; this is a little small for a payment service with such grand ambitions. However, we cannot ignore that Zimpler has been operating for only a few years.

Another point worth noting about Zimpler is that its operations are only accessible to Scandinavia citizens; this dramatically limits its market penetration. So, for potential Zimpler users, restricted access is a drawback.

These few negative factors are plaguing this new but very convenient payment service.

Country Restrictions

Zimpler has roots in Sweden, founded in Gothenburg and established its first customer base in 2012. In its early years, the founders targeted Swedish online gamblers who were very responsive, and the company gained massive support from the market.

Over time, the company established branches in Finland and Germany, where it received even more support.

Zimpler is available in the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, and Estonia. However, Zimpler’s official communication hints at a possible entry into other European markets very soon.

No Mobile App

Zimpler differs from conventional e-wallets in many ways, with one of the major ones being that there is no downloadable application for Zimpler. The lack of iOS or Android mobile ready applications pushes users to browsers.

Browsers are equally fast, but the user’s safety is still a concern among many who feel that apps are safer as they can be integrated into things like facial recognition and fingerprint readers.

To make a casino deposit via Zimpler, you only need your mobile phone number and the verification code. Users do not need to visit Zimpler’s website to effect transactions.

Withdrawal Restrictions

As stated above, Zimpler operates in selected countries, meaning only users from these countries can access its services.

To effect this, the company employs the bank ID verification model to ensure users come from accepted jurisdictions. If the bank ID feature fails on you, there is no way you can get your money out through Zimpler.

How To Pick A Zimpler Casino

The online casino market is booming, with new operators popping up everywhere. So naturally, competition favours customers, but we can all agree on one thing-not every registered Zimpler casino is worth the time.

With fraud risks glaring at us from all ends, users must take time to cross check the different casinos before signing up and feeding their details to the system.

Below is a list of tips on selecting a Zimpler casino.

Game Selection

Online casinos are evolving daily; the list of games on offer is ever growing. Before signing with any Zimpler casino, ensure it serves your needs offer offers your favourite casino game.

The most common games include slots and card games. Still, you can be assured that if you decide to sign up with a casino, we have recommended it because our experts are satisfied that the available games are sufficient. In addition, they are using the best casino software, providers.

Safety & Licensing

The internet is fertile ground for fraudsters and hackers; building you want to play on a secure platform with the necessary anti fraud mechanisms is safer.

We’ve listed a casino review for each casino site we feature and discussed the pros and cons of playing there. We constantly check the licensing of each casino to make sure it’s valid; any casino site not holding a license should be avoided at all costs.

Mobile Device Compatibility

Some websites seem to be very well designed with the best content view and presentation until you visit them via mobile device-its compatibility is terrible.

Before signing up with any Zimpler casino, ensure its website or application works on your mobile device; given the popularity of mobile casinos, it should be a no brainer that it works on a mobile device.


An established casino should offer a reasonable welcome package to its customers. The rewards can be awarded to new customer or even as an existing casino player.

This incentive is very convenient, especially for new players; they can use the bonuses to play their first games as they test the platform.

These bonuses act like real cash but can only be used to play; if you follow the rules, you can win big without investing your money.

As you look at your Zimpler casino options, look at their promotions too.

Deposit Rules

To play, you must deposit funds into your casino account. To minimise your risk, look for a Zimpler casino with low deposit requirements.

When you have less to lose, you can play your first games with less tension and always increase the amount you play as time progresses.

Deposit And Withdrawal Limits

All Zimpler casinos have set limits for deposits and withdrawals for given periods. Always read the platform’s rules and regulations before signing up to avoid confusion. Deposit and withdrawal misunderstandings can be frustrating. So it’s good to know what to expect should you be fortunate enough to win a large sum of money.

Customer Service

Try as much as possible to only work with online casinos with reliable customer service. You should be able to reach them at any time and through appropriate channels like email, phone calls, and maybe live chat.

Customer service agents come in handy when you are experiencing trouble with a website or service.

How to Make a Zimpler Casino Deposit

The Zimpler interface is user-friendly, so it shouldn’t be too confusing when making a Zimpler deposit. In addition, the payment service has set the bar very high for fintech operators with its high levels of security and usability.

Funding your casino account through Zimpler is the easiest; below is a quick breakdown of the whole process.

Select A Zimpler Supported Online Casino

Well, you need a Zimpler casino account to which the funds will go. There are multiple lists online of casinos that support Zimpler funding.

All of the casinos listed on this page accept Zimpler as a payment method and have been vetted by our team of casino experts.

Sign Up With Your Registered Mobile Phone Number

As you sign up, feed the system the mobile number you plan to use for deposits. The casino might send you a verification code through this number.

The process is swift and should be completed within minutes, after which you now proceed to deposit.

Select A Payment Option

Now, select Zimpler as your payment method. It is important to remember that Zimpler only works in selected countries, so ensure you are in the correct jurisdiction before attempting to use Zimpler.

You will do this in the cashier’s tab on your online casino’s dashboard.

You will also be required to select the method through which you will pay Zimpler, so you can use a credit card or other form of payment to deposit into your Zimpler account.

If you settle for the bill option, Zimpler will send you a formal invoice through your email or as an SMS message. For card users, Zimpler will deduct the money from your bank account.

Confirm The Transaction

After completing the transaction, the money should reflect on the casino’s dash. If it does not, then you need to contact support.

How To Withdraw Casino Funds With Zimpler

Online casinos recommend Zimpler to their customers as a deposit option but not so much as a withdrawal method. This is important point to note that you might not be able to withdraw your winnings through Zimpler.

Zimpler payouts are only allowed in very few countries, with the rest having to contend with other methods like e-wallets and bank transfers.

These withdrawal options are also reliable and convenient, so that you can read about them in various online reviews.

Zimpler Mobile Casino Gaming

Zimpler was built for mobile device casino gamblers; it is pretty apparent that it supports mobile casino gaming.

Any Zimpler user worried about the service’s compatibility with mobile casino gaming can rest easy as the service allows them to fund their accounts easily.

Zimpler Casino Bonuses

One of the most appealing aspects of online casino gaming is the availability of easy bonuses and rewards. However, competition in the online casino gaming scene is fierce, and every casino must find a way to stand out in the market’s eye.

Bonuses are the most useful and utilised option; they offer an easy way to show appreciation to new and existing customers.

Below is a list of some of the most common bonuses awarded at Zimpler casinos.

Welcome Bonuses

This is the most popular reward among Zimpler casinos. It welcomes new signees to a gambling platform.

With upcoming casino sites offering ridiculously enticing bonuses, established firms have been forced to up their game and device new rewards. Lately, every casino has a welcome bonus; this has become the norm in the online gambling world.

More established casinos match new player deposits by up to 100% as their welcome offer. The extra gaming cash can be beneficial as it can be used to try out a new game you may not be familiar with.

No Deposit Bonus

This is where the casino offers you extra money without needing to deposit any of your own money.

The no deposit bonus option is the most popular among gamblers as it allows them to test a casino without spending their own cash. There are usually strict wagering requirements that make it difficult to win anything whilst playing, but still, it’s worth claiming this type of bonus as you can use it to try out a casino before risking any of your own money.

One of the most popular types of no deposit bonus is the £10 no deposit casino bonus, which many online casinos offer.

Referral Bonus

This is what gamblers call the tell-a-friend bonus. In simple terms, the casino rewards you with bonuses when you bring in new business. For example, when your friend registers and makes their initial deposit, the casino credits your account immediately or after the stipulated time.

Aside from newcomers, regular players get bonuses; that is meant to keep them coming back.

One common option is free spins which let you play at specific slot machines on their platform. Others include the VIP membership, where you earn points by wagering.

Not all continuing players are eligible for rewards, as every casino has rules and regulations for various bonuses. Additionally, every casino has specific requirements that every player must meet to enjoy their bonuses.

These requirements include wagering demands and restrictions on specific games.

As bonuses change, every player needs to keep tabs on their online casino’s promotions to benefit from the constant updates.

Zimpler Alternatives

Zimpler is one of the safest and most convenient deposit options for online casino gamblers. Like any other service, however, it has its fair share of deficiencies that some users might not like.

There are several equally effective and may be similar options that users can explore. Below is a list of some of the payment methods you can use in place of Zimpler.


This is an e-voucher service with deep roots in the online gambling industry. The vouchers are available online or in physical stores.

After registering the voucher with Paysafecard, they will create an account in your name, and you can make casino deposits with it. You can read more about casinos that accept Paysafe cards to find out more about this service.


This is the most popular e-wallet in the world. Account opening procedures are fast and easy. PayPal is a great second option for Zimpler users as its processing times are short, and the system is secure.

Other e-wallet options include Skrill and Neteller, and they are also safe and secure, although the processing fees vary between each fintech provider. Research their fees before settling on any to better understand the experience beforehand.

Debit Cards

Debit card payments are also very popular among online gamblers due to their flexible transactional limits and strict safety standards.

With a debit card, you can easily move large sums of money into and out of your online casino account. However, it is important to note that debit card transactions take longer to process.

Final Thoughts

Zimpler is an excellent payment method for online casino players looking to make swift deposits from the comfort of their homes.

The security features are proof enough that Zimpler is safe for both novice and experienced users.

The benefits to expect from Zimpler are endless, the most prominent being its convenience and fast action features.

Zimpler is currently available in Germany, Sweden, and Finland, but the company plans to venture into more European markets.

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