Hard Rock Cincinnati To Reopen As State Casino Curfew Lifted

The curfew in the state of Cincinnati was lifted on Thursday by Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine, which resulted to the reopening of several restaurants, bars and casinos.

Thursday marked the 84th day after the governor’s curfew was enforced as a result of the increasing number of cases involving Covid-19. Ohio companies should restore regular hours of service after the attempt to slow down the virus was successful.

On November 19, when the curfew was enforced, it originally called for individuals in Ohio to stay home and for non-essential businesses across the state to remain closed between 10 p.m.  and 5 a.m daily. In late January, however, the governor shortened the hours allowing the companies to remain open until 11 p.m.

Opening hours

Since the curfew was lifted, Hard Rock Casino Cincinnati was one of the first to announce its new operating hours. “On Twitter, casino representatives wrote: “The Ohio curfew has been lifted and we’re ALL IN!”

The casino declared the reopening of a 24 hour working day by saying they were “welcoming back (its) late-night friends.”

When it comes to restaurant hours, the casino vowed in the next few days to update all its customers.

When it comes to virus security, Hard Rock Casino continues to obey those laws. By installing numerous plexiglass dividers and hand sanitizer stations in the casino, it facilitates social distancing.

Plan for Expansion

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, several firms have suffered tremendous losses, but this is not the case with Hard Rock, which will grow its market much more soon.

After a long waiting period, Hard Rock was given provisional permission in early February to open its newest location in Rockford, Illinois.

Due to criminal charges against one of the developers, the $310 million Rockford project has faced some major obstacles. When the scheme was close to gaining final approval, the Illinois Gaming Board declared that it would keep a close eye on the affairs of Hard Rock.

At its end, the brand vowed to exclude any investor deemed unfit for the essential Hard Rock project of the future.

Grand Victoria Casino

Cincinnati’s Hard Rock Casino is not the only venue that has the chance to reopen. Grand Victoria Casino announced the resumption of work in January after two months of inactivity, albeit under some terms.

The casino currently operates between 8 a.m. and 11 p.m.  Dining within is prohibited. Players can only have bottled water on the casino floor. The use of masks is mandatory and casino officials note that all gaming machines, toilets and other regularly touched surfaces such as doors, tables and others will be sanitised.