New Jersey Online Slots

New Jersey online casino sites have been licensed and legal since 2013 with many of the leading slot game creators making their games available for use in all of the major online casino sites. Slots are one of the most popular forms of online gambling so we’ve pulled together all you need to know about New Jersey Online Slots.

Of all the gambling games available to play online, slots are among the best picks because of their simplistic rules and the pure entertainment value they bring. The slot games on offer at an Atlantic City casino are also available to enjoy from the comfort of your own home or on the move through one of the many online casino apps you can download.

Unlike the table games on offer through New Jersey casino sites, the slot games play the same way online as they do at land based casinos. A game like roulette is a computer simulation of the real thing; even as realistic as the live dealer games are, table games aren’t quite as good as what you experience on the casino floors.

There is a strong argument that slot games are better at home than at a land based casino. This is because the RTP value is much higher at an online casino than you will ever get at a physical Atlantic City casino. So statistically, you will always win more playing slots online.

According to statistics, slots constitute over 70% of the revenue generated by online casino games. Online gambling activity is seeing a massive surge and is continuing to grow in size year on year. The legalization in multiple States is seeing a new era for people wanting to play their favorite slot game for real money legally and safely.

The rise in the number of players speaks for itself, and casinos open the doors to players online with technology. The online version has also helped the industry look forward to new players who have never played a slot game before in a physical casino. Furthermore, the development of technology and the radical changes over the last decade have helped casinos come up with different slots’ variations to provide a better playing environment for everyone to enjoy.

Whether you like penny slots or love to place a big bet, there is always something available from the online casinos. The history of slots takes us back to over a century, which indulged only three reels and a single pay line. With the use of technology, game creators have come up with an infinite array of complex slots. Several of the variants utilize over a hundred lines and 3D graphics.

If you are eager to try one of our recommended online casino sites, then you can sign up today and claim a great welcome bonus with many New Jersey online slots sites offering no deposit bonuses for new customers.

The Best Online Casinos That Offer Online Slots

You will find New Jersey online slots from all the casino providers from New Jersey. Therefore, irrespective of the casino that you are registering with, you have the chance to play online slots with ease.

We only provide information from trusted legal sites; you won’t find any offshore casinos on our list. You can enjoy playing NJ online slots by opening an account with any of the following online casino or all of them:

  • Betfair online casino
  • 888 online casino
  • Caesars online casino
  • Borgata online casino
  • Harrahs online casino
  • Golden Nugget online casino
  • Pala online casino
  • Virgin online casino
  • Tropicana online casino
  • MGM online casino
  • Resorts online casino
  • Mohegan sun online casino
  • Sugarhouse online casino
  • Scores online casino

How Online Slots Differ From The Mechanical Slot Machines

The mechanical slot machine you find in a physical casino operates when you use a coin to pull the lever. You will also have heard the name “one-armed bandit” because a slot machine can be a money pit for some people.

Nonetheless, the emergence of the Internet, technology, and the availability of mobile casino gaming made it possible for casinos to develop an online version of the mechanical slot machine, includes soundtracks, more paylines, slot games themes, and fairer regulated payouts. Online slots are now better known as video slot games, but you will hear the term online slots and online video slots used interchangeably.

Furthermore, due to networked games and progressive jackpot games, online slots have led to more lucrative payouts for players. The slot game Mega Moolah once paid out nearly $20m to one lucky winner.

Why are Online Slots Popular?

Various reasons helped in the contribution of increasing the popularity of online slots, which are:

  • Players do not require skills and experience because an individual wins a game on his or her luck. Further, you do not need to master any strategy than other games in a casino to achieve better results. A slot game reaches out to more potential players because of its simplicity.
  • The slot game’s online version results in higher payout ratios usually, a slot machine payouts 1000x the line bet. You will also find casinos offering 10,000x the line bet or even more.
  • Technology has helped online casinos to build stories into their slot games. They can convey a theme, which is not the case with mechanical slots games. You will find all the popular themes such as food, sports, fantasy, entertainment, and pirates. The audio-video media, along with the combination of graphics and symbols, is helping create an immersive experience.
  • Incorporating novel gaming features for online slots is easy. Players often lookout for a fresh ambiance or a new theme. It could be a symbol, unusual reel structure, a distinct bonus like free spins, or something else. Casinos utilize the advantage of technology in creating something new and keeping the gameplay fresh.

Slots have a loyal fan base which is different to many other casino games. A casino site having a players favourite slot game missing from their games section can be a good enough reason not to sign up and go elsewhere.

Is It Legal to Play Slots in New Jersey?

Although the federal law has limitations across the country involving casino games for real money, it did provide individual freedom to the states to draft their own rules with certain restrictions. The New Jersey state maximized the opportunity to allow online gambling given its fall in tourism and people preferring Las Vegas as a gambling destination.

The legalization of online gambling and sports betting in 2018 has helped the State see an increase in revenue, with online gambling revenue having now overtaken offline. However, legalization comes with certain restrictions. You have to be 21 years of age and above, a New Jersey resident, and playing at a casino that holds a license with the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement.

You must verify your age and residency by displaying a government-issued identity card. The operator should display their valid license issued by the state governing authority on their website.

It is legal to play slots in New Jersey from a licensed casino. An online casino provides numerous slots variations; a list of games will be available in their video slots section.

The New Jersey gaming enforcement further states that it is essential for the online casino to register with the state and have the servers located within Atlantic City. You can access the online platform anywhere in New Jersey if you have a valid registered account.

Basics of the Online Slots

You will find most online casinos offering online slots games with five reels and four or more rows of symbols. The gameplay is to win a round by placing a bet on a specific symbol. When you pull the lever, the reels spin at high speed and come to a halt slowly.

If all the rows have the symbol that you picked for winning, you win the round.

How Slot Machines Function

The first slot machines in a physical casino operated on an electromechanical reel. However, today, both offline and online casinos providing different slots use the advanced and latest technology.

You will come across themes, such as sports, food, animals, entertainment, and more. They change the environment from time-to-time to ensure there is no repetition, and players find the game exciting and engaging. Additionally, the software helps create a 3D environment for an online casino, where a player feels the environment appealing and close to the real ambiance of a physical casino.

As the software controls the slot game, it randomly displays the symbols on the screen. The software has a built-in random number generator (RNG). Each spin is different, and there are infinite combinations that the RNG can generate. Therefore, playing slots is fun and requires no professional skills. It is an excellent choice for a beginner or those who love to gamble for fun and entertainment.

A third party software provider makes the software, and a Random Number Generator controls the game’s fairness. The fact that the software and casino are separated offers further protection to slot game players. The casino doesn’t control the game. They pay a licensing fee to the slot game maker.

Is It Safe to Play Slots Online?

Yes, every slot game that you play online from a casino is safe. The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE) overlooks the activity and monitors the games to ensure fairness.

According to the DGE, each online casino with a license should use safety precautions to ensure safety and protection to player’s money. Additionally, they should verify the payment option and utilize reputed platforms such as PayPal, Mastercard, and Visa. Using SSL-certification is also mandatory, which makes playing online slots safe and secure.

What Is the Best Way to Find the Right Online Casino?

Several reputed land-based casinos operating out of Atlantic City have their presence online with numerous online casinos. Therefore, you have an excellent slection of casino sites to pick from and when it comes to slots, there are hundreds if not thusands of games available to play.

If you are a beginner and have no clue how to find the right casino, the following thing should help you narrow down the search for a new casino.

Check The Bonus Offer

The bonus offer provided by an online casino is a method to attract customers. You will receive a bonus for signing up with a casino and depositing money into the account. The bonuses that you see vary from one platform to another. Do remember that the bigger the prize, the better opportunity for playing or gambling in the casino.

However, ensure to read the terms and conditions put forward by a casino before registering and depositing the money. Additionally, you would require fulfilling their wagering requirements before utilizing the bonus rewards credited to your account. Along with this, understand how easy it would be to meet the criteria and earn the bonus.

Available Game Options

The other crucial factor to consider while picking an online casino is the game options. Only a few reputed and established casinos provide legal gaming options. When choosing an NJ online casino, you will want to pick one with a wide selection of games, such as poker, blackjack, and more.

The more options you have, the more you can entertain yourself!


Not all online casinos provide a good software experience to the users due to the overhead costs. Only the established sites with large amounts invest will include all of the popular games. Partnering with leading software studios helps a casino to customize the content they offer players. It goes without saying that an online casino will have to pay more to feature the most popular slot games.

Payment Options

The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement made it mandatory for all online casinos to opt for a reputed and certified payment provider to ensure a smooth payment process. According to the regulator, an online casino must make immediate payment when a player chooses to withdraw the amount.

In a typical environment, the turnaround time is between 24 and 48 hours. Depending on the casino you have selected for gambling, you can use numerous withdrawal and deposit options.

Most casino sites want you to spend money with them, so they widely accept most payment methods that you are used to using online to make purchases. Bank Transfer, Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Skrill, Paynearme, and Neteller are the most common payment methods used by slot game players.


Apart from rewards and promotions that you get when you sign-up with a casino, sites look to provide promotions from time-to-time. It helps retain customers and attract additional footfall. The regular promotion offered varies from one casino to another.

Additionally, all the leading casinos have designed loyalty programs to reward customer’s loyalty. Nonetheless, reading the fine print related to a promotion is helpful; just like the bonuses, you receive when you register, meeting the wagering requirements and understanding the terms and conditions is crucial so you can benefit the promotion.

How to Play New Jersey Online Slots?

You have learned about the different topics related to playing online slots. It is the rules, the simplistic nature, and the no-skill required approach that makes slots the easiest and popular game in a casino. The same is applicable when you play in an online casino.

The first step involved before playing a game is registering with a casino. After picking your favorite online casino, you can head to the registration page. You must fill in the details asked by the casino, such as name, age, residential address, email address, and phone number.

Before you can start gambling, you must verify that you are a resident of New Jersey. The online casino verifies your email id and asks for a government-issued card to verify the information entered during registration.

Upon successful validation, you can create a username and password that you will use to login into the online casino. You will also claim the rewards and sign-up bonus in this step.

If you are a beginner, you can choose to play a demo slot game. You will understand how they function, get the gist of the theme, and the bets that you can place. When you select a demo game, everything remains the same except for the money. The casino gives you virtual money that you can use to play the game.

After gaining the necessary experience, you can load money into your account using a credit card, net banking, and other available options. Do remember to play intelligently so that you will not lose an excessive amount.

Once you have worked out the gameplay and grown in confidence you can proceed to gamble using real money. Online gambling requires you to have control over the amount that you are ready to lose.

Playing online slots is arguably one of the most straightforward games you can play at an NJ casino. You can start the game by picking the number of lines and determining the amount you want to place on each line. Remember that you cannot select the lines when you are playing a fixed pay line slot game and will not add or subtract from the total.

After selecting everything, you can click the “spin” button or whatever available option. It changes according to the casino that you selected for the game. Alternatively, you can choose the “max bet” option, if available from the casino game, to activate all the pay lines, after which you can spin to start the game.

Most of the online casinos also provide the automatic spin feature to ensure that the players are not finding the manual spin as a boring option. When you opt for the automatic spin feature, you can determine the number of spins and wait for the software to do the work.

Is the Software Used by a Casino Legit?

Every online casino that offers gambling entertainment to users must have a valid license. These casinos will only receive approval from the DGE, only when they meet the governing body’s guidelines, including the software used by the casino provider.

The software helps create a 3D and realistic environment for the player. It further uses the random number generator (RNG) for infinite combinations.

Many people think that the software used by casinos is in favor of the house. This is true because every casino game has a house edge to it. With slot games, the house edge is publically made available and is known as the RTP value. So if a game has an RTP of 97% then the casino is making 3% on that particular game.

The house edge is very different from a casino game being rigged, so it is able to make more money than the declared RTP value. It is not possible because the governing body monitors the activities.

For the entire process to be fair, it asks the casinos to choose the RNG software from a verified and certified source. Additionally, a casino must test the software periodically from an independent agency to ensure that the results are random.

The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement also ensures that it is impossible to tamper with the tested software by the casino or players. The governing body also seeks the slot game results collected for an extended period and compares them with the theoretical projections.

Given the extent to which the regulations and safety features are in place, either the player or the casino cannot manipulate the outcome of a slot game.

The software used by an online casino is legit and legal. You can play your favorite online slots without worrying and deposit the required amount of money into your account to start placing bets and begin gambling.

Reels and Lines in Slot Machines

The action that you enjoy while playing online slots comes from the images present in the columns. A classic slot game often uses fruits as the symbols, so they have the nickname “fruities.” Each of the images present on a single column is a reel. Getting the combination of a similar fruit or symbol in all the columns and making a line is crucial to winning a game.

The winning combinations and the number of times you can win depends on the number of lines you opted for before playing the game. For instance, on a three-row NJ online slots game, if you choose a single pay line to win the game, you need the combination from the center reel. Similarly, if you are picking two pay lines, it will be from the top and bottom, and opting for three will require you to have all three rows with a similar symbol.

The general rule of winning a slot game requires you to have a horizontal combination in all the rows you pick before placing the bet. Even if a single column comes with the same image, it is not a winning combination. However, based on the casino, it is possible to have an exception to the standard rule of winning. Therefore, you will have video slots offering winning in zigzag, vertically, and v-shapes.

Placing Bets and Receiving Payouts

You can divide online slots into two subcategories: placing bets and receiving payouts.

Placing Bets

  • The earlier version of online slots casino game required you to select the number of points for a pay line, the coin size, and the total number of lines to calculate the total amount.
  • The bankroll that you have will dictate the number of coins and the coin size to pay for a pay line.
  • The most effective strategy in placing bets is to activate the maximum number of lines to win big.
  • All the different and new slots are combining different elements to make it easy for a player.
  • Depending on the online casino, the bet amount either increases or decreases. You need to read the fine print or rules described by the casino before participating in a bet.

Receiving Payouts

  • You will click on the spin button after placing the bet. The casino will deduct the bet amount automatically from the balance.
  • As the reel comes to a halt, you will notice the final order of the symbols.
  • The software implemented by the casino checks for the symbols in the pay line and awards the payout automatically.
  • You can check out the payout offered by the casino payout table, which is available as a multiplier of the bet amount or the absolute amount, depending on your bet. You will also notice other rules of the slot game in the payout table.
  • You can proceed with spinning the reel with the same amount or change the bet.
  • Most of the slot games available from online casinos come with an auto spin feature. You can utilize the feature to avoid manual operations for a predetermined number of reel spins with the same amount of bet.

How Much Money is Safe to Bet on Slot Machines?

It would be difficult as a beginner to decide how much to bet on the slot games. With each online casino providing a different payout and rules, opting for an appropriate one results in a higher winning amount.

The winning amount depends on the amount you are willing to bet on a game. Additionally, it also depends on the payout specified by the casino. Like every other game in the casino, you need to decide how much you are comfortable placing as a bet.

Likewise, thinking about the number of times you would like to participate in the game is also vital. You cannot always win and vice versa. Therefore, having the limitation helps in avoiding an excessive loss.

Ensure that you are sticking to the betting amount and the number of participation times in the game. Online slots are easy to play and get carried away. Although the opening betting is small, you will also come across a jackpot slot that plays for high stakes.

Even though the betting amount is small, when you tend to change your mind, the amount adds up over the course of action and results in a lot of money.

There are occasions when people win large amounts playing slot games but this is rare and it’s best to never gamble more than you can afford to lose.

Online Slots Return to Player

The professional player often checks out the rules and the payout before participating or registering with an online casino. Return to player (RTP) is the expected amount that you can win and is often expressed as a percentage of the bet amount.

None of the online casinos give a 100% return to players. They can only make money if the value is less than a hundred percent. Therefore, you will find most online casinos providing the return to players between 94% and 96%.

A beginner needs to understand the return to player very clearly. Assuming that you are a beginner, let us take an example to understand how the return to player works. An online casino offering a 95% return to players indicates that it will deduct $5 for every $100 of betting amount.

The advantage here is that the casino will be making a lot of money because not everybody wins all the time. Some make a lot of money at times, and some lose. If you are lucky, you can make more money than you lose.

What Are the Chances of Winning Online Slots?

Different players and professionals often indulge in a debate or argue that New Jersey online slots are subpar compared to other games in a casino. However, the house edge provided by an online casino is much more when compared with that of a physical casino. The house edge is often below 5% or even smaller, which depends on the casino.

In land based casinos the house edge on slot games can be as high as 30%.

The Different Types of New Jersey Online Slots

Online gambling provided by reputed online casinos is offering different versions of the online slots for its players. Accessing online makes it easy for players to play their favorite online game right from home.

There are different types of online slots, which often change according to the selected casino, theme, and the number of pay lines. You can also choose slots based on the most popular slots, trending slots, featured slots, and new slots. That said, the easiest way to categorize online slots is by considering the number of reels.

You will often find different casinos providing slot games in either three- or five-reel video slots. The following are the different sections that you will come across while playing slot games online:

Classic Slots

With classic slots, the game you will be playing will have three reels. The slots often use diamond, fruit, 7s, and bars. Remember that you will be playing the game without any bonus feature if you select the classic slot. You will find only a few casinos offering this variety.

Due to the restriction of the three reels, there is a limitation on the software’s diversity.

If you like online slots to be straightforward and simple, getting started with the classic slots is beneficial. However, remember that the environment is not engaging and some players find it boring. Additionally, you will find limited betting options. The gameplay is predictable and the RTP typically very high on classic slot games.

5-Reel Video Slots

5 reel slot games are where most of the excitement comes from playing. Majority of the online casinos available today offer the 5-reel slots with excellent graphics, sound effects, and fun-filled animations.

You will also find different betting options with immersive bonus rounds where the result and the winning are dependent on your choice. A few of the casinos offering online slots in this category choose a storyline theme to ensure that they continue to play to unfold the plot.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressive jackpot slot is a special category of the online slot game. Here, the jackpot continues to grow as the number of players increases. There is no specific strategy to win the game, as it is a purely luck-based game.

When there are large wins whilst playing slots it is usually when someone is lucky enough to win a progressive slot jackpot.

The Need-to-Know Vocabulary for Online Slots

Slot games come with their own terminology, it doesn’t increase your chances of winning knowing the terminology but it does help with the enjoyment of the game play.

Wild Symbols

In many games, while symbols are not just for fun but also can turn a losing line into a winning line. The wild symbols can be expanding or cascading and even stay in place for the next round.

Think of the wild symbol as a joker in a deck of cards.

Pay lines

Depending on the theme selected from the online casino, you can place a bet on the pay lines. You will also come across a few slots that give you the ability to activate a particular pay line. In contrast, the other lines have a fixed number of amounts for betting for each spin.

The pay lines start from left to right, move up to down, horizontally, and diagonally before connecting to the number present at the screen’s bottom.

You can only win when there is a match across a specific pay line or the pay line you selected as a bet. The payout amount depends on the symbols appearing in the pay line and the betting amount.


You will achieve a bonus award or activates a bonus round when a particular symbol is scattered. Usually, three or more symbols must appear on the screen. However, they can be in any place and do not have to be in a pay line like the traditional winning spin requires.


The paytable presents you with all the data related to the game irrespective of the online slots game that you are playing. You will find a scattering of symbols, pay lines, payouts, and symbol values.

Bonus Round

You are eligible for a bonus round when a specific symbol appears in scattered formation on the screen. The paytable decides the number of free games that you are eligible to play.

Wild and Substitute

You will have more winning opportunities when there is wild and substitute, as the symbols could be anything. It means that you are replacing a symbol with the other based on the online slots game.

No Deposit Slots Bonuses

It is quite common for an NJ online casino to credit a small amount of money when a new player registers with this site, this is known as a no deposit bonus. There are several online casinos from New Jersey offering no deposit bonuses and are a good way of working out if you like a particular casino.

As a beginner, you can utilize the amount to participate in an online slots game and understand the rules, payout options available, overlook the ambiance and the casino’s gaming options.

Based on your experience, you can decide whether to continue playing with the casino or shift to another provider before loading the account with real money.

What Kind of Deposit Bonuses Does Online Casinos Provide?

A deposit bonus is different because you will receive bonus money, usually as free spins or bonus cash from the online casino you are willing to register with.

The bonus amount changes from one casino to another. However, most online casinos usually match an equal amount on the first deposit with a limitation.

The bonus amount added to the account helps you play numerous versions of online slots with ease. It is an excellent way to stretch the gambling action without adding excess money to the account. The usual deposit bonus ranges between $100 to a maximum of $2,500. The offer changes frequently and depends on the casino.

You can only unlock the bonus provided by the casino upon meeting the requirements, which usually includes wagering for a set number of times. It can impact how you play irrespective of the bonus amount added by the online casino.

Therefore, it is crucial to check all the casino’s terms and conditions before registering and claiming the bonus.

Is It Possible to Use Online Casino Bonus Codes?

You will come across specific promo codes or bonus codes when you are searching for an online casino. The promo codes that you will come across during your search will help unlock exclusive offers. For instance, you can utilize a bonus code at a casino to provide you access to an increased value of no deposit bonus.

As there are several bonus codes are available, you will have to choose the one that is functioning and relevant. You can copy the code and enter it on the registration page of the casino. Depending on what the promo code is providing, you will receive it upon completing the account creation with the casino.

Is There a Strategy to Pick the Best Online Slot Game?

There is no strategy involved in picking an online slot game. The rules of online gambling are simple, especially slots. All you need to do is pick a game, place the bet, and wait for the result after clicking the spin button.

However, going through the fine print provided by the online casino related to return-to-player will be helpful. A better return-to-player increases your chances of winning.

Is Playing Online Slots a Good Choice?

If you are just beginning and entering the world of gambling with no prior experience and have never entered a physical casino, then choosing the online casino is a great way to learn about slots, rules, bonuses, payouts, and gameplay.

The direct approach towards the game makes it easy to have fun and earn a good amount, which depends on the betting amount.

With several online casinos providing demo games, you can utilize the virtual cash provided by the platform to play a game. After successfully verifying the account, you can deposit the money into the account and start placing the bet.


Millions of New Jersey residents now have access online to the same slot games that they can play in Atlantic City. The flexibility and convenience provided by the online casino make it easy for everyone to gamble using a computer or mobile.

You should now have all the knowledge about playing NJ online slots, it is time for you to pick the best online casino. Do consider the sign-up bonus along with the return-to-player percentage.

A fast-paced game like the online slots is exciting and does not require any complex gaming strategy or skill to win a bet. You are now in an excellent position to check out the different casinos offering New Jersey online slots and the different variations.

Play safe and have fun!