The Promatic And Chałas & Partners groups Announce Strategic Collaboration


In Poland and chosen places throughout the globe, the Promatic group and Chałas & Partners group announced a strategic collaboration on shared assistance and company growth for the amusement industry.

Promatic is a major Polish manufacturer of gambling software and hardware. The Investment Group of Chałas & Partners focuses on entertainment, sports, real estate, legal and economic markets.

Jarosław Chałas, Chałas & Partners Investment Group Manager, said: “Establishing cooperation with one of the largest and most innovative Polish capital groups in the field of gambling is a great distinction for us. It is a milestone in achieving business synergies in ongoing investment projects and seeking market advantages in order to permanently strengthen our position.”

Paweł Paliwoda, CEO of Promatic Group added: “Cooperation with such an experienced and competent investment group enables expansion into new segments of the entertainment market in Poland and in the world. The Promatic Group is constantly looking for attractive business areas to develop. Together, we are reviewing strategic investment options to strengthen our position as a key Polish player on the market.”




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