Rhode Island Legislators Revise Sports Betting Legislation

Democratic Party legislators in Rhode Island have introduced new sports betting legislation that would make it much easier for bettors to place mobile betting wagers.

Members of the State House of Representatives Nicholas Mattiello and Marvin Abney have introduced this move as RI faces a huge budget deficit. This is expected to be accompanied by the presentation by the State Senate chief, Dominick Ruggerio, of a companion initiative.

It would add more money to the state budget of Rhode Island, which will alter the existing law by which this state’s people must register in person at Twin River casino locations to place sports bets.

The bill will also change the law as it would state that at the time the bet is made, the server verifying if the player is physically located in Rhode Island must do so.

By removing the requirement for in-person registration, more Rhode Islanders are encouraged to try out sports betting and download the official sports betting apps. This will be particularly useful as most limit their outdoor activities and when the sports leagues plan to resume.

In a joint statement, Mattiello and Ruggerios stated: “Especially during these times of social distancing, enabling people to register online for sports gaming provides an added convenience that will also enhance revenue for the people of our state. many team sports ready to resume play shortly, this will provide a safe entertainment option for Rhode Islanders to participate in sports gaming from their homes.”

At the same time, Republican activist Daniel Harrop is demanding a legal challenge over the constitutionality of sports betting. He claims that under the constitution of the State, sports betting should only be approved by voters.

In June, judge in the Superior Court ruled against him.