Ohio Uni Launch Sports Gambling Education Certificate

Ohio University has launched a certificate programme for Sports Gambling Education, one of the first programmes of its kind to be offered in the USA. The college has collaborated with U.S. sports betting monitoring company U.S. Integrity and online educational platform Cyanna for programme introduction.

The three-part certificate programme will start in May and will be delivered fully online as part of the AECOM Center for Sports Administration at Ohio University. The credential will consist of three courses addressing topics related to the prevention, detection and reaction to fraud in sports betting. Interested students can now get more information about the online programme at RSVP when enrolment begins.

Jim Kahler, executive director of the AECOM Center for Sports Administration at the University of Ohio, said in a press release: “This program is going to help educate coaches, students, and administrators on how to prevent, identify, and react to instances of sports-betting fraud. The curriculum has been developed by a talented group of leaders in the industry, and we are excited to bring that knowledge and experience to the field.”

U.S. Integrity is headquartered in Las Vegas and provides a 24/7 surveillance programme of sports wagering activity powered by their patented computer algorithms. Courses will feature lectures from business leaders including the U.S. Matt Holt, ceo of Integrity, and SVP Sara Slane, former American Gaming Association Last year Slane was hired by the NHL as a consultant to advise the league on their betting strategy.