Apple Delays iOS Enforcement For Betting Related Games

Since announcing that it will postpone the improvements made to its terms and conditions in its App Store guidelines, Apple has given more support to software developers in the industry.

Updating its mobile strategy, Apple announced its iOS design compliance for betting-related games, which was scheduled to be enforced on 3 March 2020, with a six-month extension.

Apple revised its App Store approval policy in June 2019 by enforcing limits on ‘real-money wagering applications’ as well as clamping down on non-native apps – a move that gave rise to much industry deliberation regarding Apple’s reasons for regulating gambling applications.

Apple originally planned to implement its demands for iOS gambling by 12 September 2019.

Following a number of concerns regarding a ‘unrealistic’ time period for introducing reforms, the deadline was extended to March 2020 to provide more time for business operators to comply with the new guidelines.

It has also been confirmed that Apple has plans in place to clearly distinguish native iOS apps from HTML5 products. It was reported that the tech giant was dissatisfied with the number of industry operators using ‘container wraps’ to index their mobile casino or sportsbook websites as applications in their App Store.

Apple announced that the deadline for its latest real money app native to IOS would be pushed back to 30 June.