Neteller Betting Sites

Neteller Betting Sites have been active for many years and continue to gain popularity. Many Neteller betting sites allow for fast, seamless, and secure transactions. Here are the 10 best Neteller betting sites.

How to Deposit at Neteller Betting Sites?

Deposit at Neteller betting sites involves two steps; first, you need to register and verify a Neteller account. Second, you need to follow the steps to deposit at your betting site. Registration on a Neteller account is fast and straightforward; access Neteller’s official website and follow the registration steps by filling out a form and verifying your email account.

Neteller is likely to ‘block’ your account almost immediately; however, this is standard while they request documents. Many users think this process is customer-unfriendly, but it requires only single verification once you understand that. Creating a Neteller account is a free and seamless process. You can add funds into a Neteller account using your regular bank account or credit/debit card, and your account is good to go. This is an instant and free process. 

To deposit at your selected betting site, you find the cashier and click on the Neteller payment option. This will bring up a secure window, and often a new one will pop up. You have to log in to the Neteller account, and this window confirms the deposit transaction. Once done, you will find your deposit money into a betting site ready to place bets.

This is a fast, easy, safe and secure payment method that can be used at many online betting sites worldwide. However there are some issues with this payment method. First, they are charging small fees with each bet transaction, and you’ll need to go to the effort of setting up your account to begin with. All-in-all the benefits you get from managing your money outside of your bank account make up for these minor negatives.

Verifying Your Neteller Betting Site is Legitimate

It is worth conducting initial research to determine that betting sites are legitimate before investing money and time. However, most gambling industries are entirely respectable, but some hidden elements present when money is involved. 

First, you must check that the betting site is registered and licensed from a recognized and respected jurisdiction. For European countries, betting sites are licensed under UKGC, Malta, Gibraltar, Alderney, Isle of Man or Cyprus. If your site is US-based, look out for Panama, Costa Rica, Antigua or the Netherlands Antilles. If you don’t find any betting sites under the mentioned authorities, you should not deposit. 

Secondly, betting sites are liable for external game certification for casino and poker, ensuring your betting site also runs a positive sign. You should also look out for other ways to get in contact, customer support, external organization and industry body memberships, and a responsible gaming policy. A long list of deposit payment options is also a sign that your Online betting site is legitimate.

However, it’s better to know all the required information before Playing regarding contact, customer support, certification, terms & conditions and policies. 

Neteller Sign Up Bonus and Free Bets

Sometimes players face a hard time on signup bonuses and promotions because using Neteller as a primary betting site funding source can make you ineligible for some of the welcome bonuses and free bets available. Many bookies do not offer welcome bonuses to new customers due to duplicate accounts. However, Some betting sites will still let you use these funding methods and still qualify for the bonus.

If you still want to take advantage of the signup bonus on Neteller betting sites, we advise you to set up your account using different payment methods on which bookies offer welcome bonuses. For example, set up a game account using a credit card, bank transfer, PayPal or cash voucher card and after benefit, switch your account into Neteller for the next deposit.

Alternatively, try an eWallet where you can get sign up bonuses such as ecoPayz. However, it is highly advised before risking money and time on Neteller betting sites to read all the related documents carefully and make a deposit only after 100 % surety. 

Advantages to Playing at Neteller Betting Sites

The Neteller payment method offers a lot of benefits to its customers worldwide. It is not hard to find why it is a popular option for many online players. Neteller offers the easiest and cheapest payment services for online purchases. 

1. Seamless Transactions 

The large number of online gambling service providers that accept payment transactions through Neteller are the most attractive and impressive operators, and you will like the Neteller betting sites for sure. This makes a quick and convenient transaction between the betting site and a player as it is a two-way first bank to Neteller e-wallet and Neteller account to betting account. 

2. Safety and Security

Safety and security are the other reasons for using the Neteller payment method. All player’s transactions are secured with 256-bit encryption security & many firewalls, which add an extra layer of security and make it impossible to hack. Every player has his security pin along with a user ID that is displayed. When you are using an account, the pin does not show, which makes it completely private. This practice ensures that no financial or personal information is revealed.

Players can enable email notifications. Whenever you try to log in to your account, an email notification is received on your mail-id. That means you can have a track record and ensure that no fraudulent activity takes place. Players with a Neteller account can also send money to people who do not have an e-wallet. All you have to do is enter the recipient’s email id so they can be notified once a transaction is made and completed.

Finally, you can complete the deposit and withdrawal process within a few minutes using Neteller betting sites. 

History of Neteller

Talking about the history of Neteller, it was started in Canada in 1999. The restriction on online gambling in the United state is the prime reason behind Neteller’s success. In just a few years, Neteller grabbed a considerable share of the global online market. As of 2005, Neteller was used by almost all the major bookmakers because of restrictions and the inefficiency of American financial institutions to process payments. 95% of the total revenue of the company was coming from the United state.

Later in 2007, the founder of Neteller Lawrence and co-founder John Lefebvre were arrested by American authorities. After that, the company was forced out of the United States. All the funds of the clients and company were temporarily frozen. But this legal action on Neteller founders didn’t stop the company from pushing ahead. Neteller parent company, Optimal Payments, bought Skrill for €1.1B, the biggest competitor of Neteller. 

Optimal Payments is now rebranded as PaySafe Group.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the Best Neteller Betting Site?

Players looking to play online betting games with Neteller betting sites need to check authentication and licence before checking into the website. Always Play on reputed and famous betting sites, such as Betfair, betway, Net Bet etc. 

2. Can I Withdraw Winnings from Neteller?

Players can both withdraw and deposit money with the Neteller electronic wallet. Withdrawal money and timely withdrawal are some of the most critical factors. 

3. Where can I Use Neteller to Gamble?

You can use Neteller to gamble at many of the top online betting sites and sportsbooks. We have mentioned the top 10 best Neteller betting sites where you can place bets online.

4. Is There a Limit to Deposit and Withdrawals Via Neteller?

Yes, there will be a limit to deposit and withdrawal via Neteller, depending on betting sites. Always check the terms and conditions of deposit & withdrawal before signing up. 

5. What is the Processing Time for Deposits and Withdrawals?

Deposit via the Neteller payment method is instant and safe; however, withdrawal takes several days but quicker than any other payment method.


Neteller Betting Sites have been active for many years and continue to gain popularity. Many Neteller betting sites on the internet allow for fast, seamless, and secure online banking transactions between the players and gambling site. For Neteller betting sites, it’s highly advisable to conduct initial research about the site and policies before playing. 

As users do not have to provide any banking or card details to the sports betting site, only the Neteller payment gateway can access it, and it does not share with any third party vendor. Email notifications and 256-bit encryption add another level of security and privacy. The main factor of Neteller’s success is a combination of flexibility, safety, and speed, plus several additional benefits.

The company’s customer service is second-to-none, adding to the convenience of your gaming experience. For these reasons, it has become a popular payment option among online casino players. 

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