MGA Joins UKGC And Suspends Stakers B2C Licence

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) joins the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) decision to suspend the B2C licence of incumbent Stakers Limited, operator.

The MGA announced an immediate’ enforced suspension’ of the Stakers licence on 10 March issuing a notice banning the operator from performing any wagering activities within its jurisdiction.

The MGA detailed in its enforcement statement: “Stakers Limited is thus no longer authorised to carry out any gaming operations, register new players or accept new customer deposits, but is required to retain and provide all registered players with access to their player accounts, and to refund all funds standing to the credit of players in line with the applicable law.”

Citing a range of enforcement problems on 5 March, the UKGC approved an’ interim suspension’ of the Stakers UK licence, applying Gambling Act 2005 sections 116 and 118.

The UKGC stated in its compliance notice that it had suspended Stakers as an’ unsuitable to carry on the licenced activities ‘ operator and put the licence of the incumbent’ directly under review.’

In response to the suspension, Stakers management publicly criticised the decision of the UKGC on its website requesting players to sign a petition citing the recent classification of the UKGC as’ Not Fit For Purpose’ by the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG).Stakers, based in Switzerland, maintains that the player funds are safe and completely secured.

Closing its statement the MGA cites: “This sanction is being imposed upon Stakers Limited in light of the suspension of their United Kingdom licence, thus the recognition thereof for its use in/from Malta is equally suspended.”