EPIC Risk Management And NCPG To Support US Gambling

Independent gambling damage minimisation company EPIC Risk Management announced this week that it has become a member of the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG).

The firm also announced in a statement that both organisations would partner on advocacy, training and awareness programmes while exchanging knowledge and experience from around the globe.

EPIC said it plans to share insights and learning experiences of collaborating with more than 125,000 individuals and organisations over the last six years across some of the highest risk, most difficult to access industries like professional sports, the gaming industry, financial services, the education sector and the military.

The Council’s Executive Director Keith Whyte said: “We are so pleased to welcome EPIC as a member of NCPG. They provide best-in-class programs and training in the UK and across Europe and we are eager to learn from their experience and share our insights into the unique US gambling market and healthcare system.”

EPIC CEO Paul Buck commented: “Gambling is growing fast in the US across a number of states. For the majority, gambling will remain an enjoyable form of entertainment; but for a small but significant percentage, it will lead to problems that can be catastrophic for the individual, their families and for organisations.

“I am delighted to announce our collaboration with the National Council on Problem Gambling that will ensure that less people reach the edge of the cliff with gambling problems and, those that do, have a  fit for purpose and coordinated pathway of support.”

It was revealed last month that EPIC is partnering with GVC Holdings, one of the largest sports-betting and gaming companies in the world and a fellow member of the NCPG, to minimise gambling-related harm across the US.