With Class 4 licence, Metric Gaming Extends To Malta

Multi-tenant B2B sports betting software provider Metric Gaming has been given the green light to expand to Malta after the country’s regulator has issued a Class 4 permit.

The licence will allow Metric Gaming to sell its products and services to customers operating across Malta after the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) approval has been obtained.

Martin de Knijff, CEO of Metric Gaming, spoke about the successful application: “Securing this licence from the MGA is an important step in Metric’s evolution from a start-up to becoming the disruptors-in-chief of an industry ripe for disruption.

“We have been thrilled by the market’s reaction to our multi-tenant Sportsbook proposition, particularly from Malta-based operators. In the coming days we will announce the first Malta-based Sportsbook brands that will be launched using our Modulus platform over the next few weeks.

“We’ve spent the last three years and significant capital developing an organisation and product proposition capable of solving the biggest challenges facing the B2B sector of our industry. We are excited to be showcasing the modern capabilities of our multi-tenant platform and each customer will benefit from near total product autonomy from the rest.

“We are confident this unrivalled degree of customisation paired with our superior sports betting products and features will deliver real leapfrog ability for our customers over their rivals.”

Metric Gaming entered a strategic partnership with the U.S. sports odds compiler Sports IQ earlier this month to build and launch a full suite of U.S. sports betting products of the next generation.

Metric Gaming and Sports IQ will work together to build a one-stop solution for the major pro-leagues in the US (NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL), offering an ideal ‘simple price feed’ for incumbents wagering in the US.