With AGA Education Week SGC Reaffirms Its Commitment To Responsible Gaming

Scientific Games Corporation (SGC) has recognised the American Gaming Association (AGA) Responsible Gaming Education Week (RGWE) as a way to reaffirm its commitment to responsible gaming across its business activities.

The AGA RGEW, which will take place between 19 and 25, will see SGC focusing on its Lottery Group’s Healthy Play campaign, through which the Nasdaq-listed business hopes to give tools and information to promote the tagline “Have Fun. Do Good. Play Healthy.”

New digital publication

The firm has announced that during the RGEW, it will debut a new digital periodical for lottery clients that will provide an overview of SG’s Health Play programmes and resources.

In addition, the programme will include an employee training programme that will be delivered in different languages with the goal of increasing lottery literacy within the company’s personnel in a variety of nations.

Carla Schaefer, Scientific Games’ Vice President of Responsible Gaming, Lottery Group, said: “While our support of responsible gaming is year round, we are excited to rally our employees and support our customers during this important week that serves as a reminder that Scientific Games is dedicated to responsible gaming programs and promoting transparency and lottery literacy.”

Pre-Commitment software

Additionally, the corporation has unveiled its Pre-Commitment software, which was created by its SG Systems Division to give users the ability to ‘personalise their gaming budget and make informed decisions’ when gambling.

SGC’s current responsible gaming activities include becoming the first sports betting supplier to join the Global Lottery Monitoring System and becoming the first sports betting supplier to join the Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS).

Players can use the system to get on-demand views of time spent and money spent every day, week, month, or year, as well as receive automatic reminders when they get close to their budget.

Cornerstones of Scientific Games

Scientific Games’ VP of Corporate Social Responsibility, Tracy Skenadore, added: “Social responsibility, integrity and transparency are cornerstones of Scientific Games, and we are extremely proud to continue our support and stand with the gaming and lottery industry to promote responsible gaming education and responsible play. We urge everyone to keep responsible play and education top of mind.”

Despite the fact that the IT firm’s Lottery Group played a key part in the development of its social responsibility programmes, the company has announced plans to divest its lottery and sports betting divisions in a “strategic divestment.”

The company’s board of directors has been considering various divestiture alternatives for both divisions, including an IPO, asset sales, or a merger with a SPAC.

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