UKGC Reminds Industry Of ADR Rules And LCCP Responsibilities

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has reminded industry participants of new rules relating to alternative dispute resolution (ADR) initiatives, customer interactions and funding standards that will review their licencing conditions & procedure codes (LCCP).

After an open consultation, the new LCCP amendments from the Commission are required, seeking to improve industry standards and accountability for operators.

The Commission is updating stakeholders by reminding operators that they are expected to use only’ ADR providers’ who have met their’ additional criteria’ and updated’ ADR standards.’

The UKGC added additional ADR provisions to improve continuity and reassurance should consumers challenge a UK gambling operator–as of 31 October, ADR regulations were enforced.

Furthermore, the UKGC reminds incumbents of additional requirements to identify and interact with clients at risk of gambling harm.

For remote and non-remote operators on customer interaction, guidelines on improvements can be sought–with new rules being implemented as of October 31.

In preparation for 2020, the UKGC also reminds licensees of new responsibilities attached to voluntary research prevention and treatment funding arrangements, meeting the LCCP requirements and the target set by the UK’s National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harms.

The change will also promote greater transparency over time in the amounts contributed by gambling companies. The UKGC advises stakeholders to read their consultation response document for the exact wording and a complete explanation of the background and nature of these changes to the LCCP.