UKGC Releases Short List Of Approved Companies For Funding

The Gambling Commission has published a list of licenced organisations to which gambling companies are allowed to make financial contributions of social responsibility to satisfy their conditions of licence.

Only GambleAware, GamCare and YGAM (Young Gamers & Gamblers Education Trust) were approved by the regulator in an unexpectedly short list, although other organisations are knocking at the door.

As part of the conditions of their licence, operators must:

  • make an annual financial contribution to each of research, prevention and treatment
  • ensure that these donations go to one or more organisation on the list below
  • ensure that they have no connection to the recipient organisation
  • report information accurately in their annual or quarterly regulatory return to the Commission about the destination(s) of their payment and the amounts that have been contributed. This includes ensuring that there is no duplication of data across multiple licences.

The Commission has stated that it will collect information on contributions to LCCP RET and publish this information at least annually.

Businesses may continue to donate funds outside the approved list to any organisation, but such contributions will not be counted as contributions to the LCCP RET.

The regulator also said that organisations wishing to be on the list of organisations to which gambling companies can direct their RET donations should provide the Commission with information to help determine their suitability. This will include the need for independent supervision or regulation.

The Gordon Moody Association has, however, questioned why its charity has not made the list, especially since the long-running organisation is the only one to provide residential treatment to those suffering from gambling problems.

Epic Risk Management, the organisation that has been very involved in educating sportsmen and women about gambling problems, has also been left off the list, but it has not yet been able to submit the data for inspection.

The list also indicates that all gambling organisations will donate to GambleAware irrespective of what they do, since it is the only entity accredited for research on gambling problems. As it stands, operators have no other option to fund research, prevention and treatment to meet LCCP conditions.