UK Tote Enters New Pricing Era As It Releases Latest Tote+ Module

Following the announcement of its latest ‘Tote+’ pool pricing module, which will provide racing customers with a 10 percent improved dividend payout, the UK Tote Group (Tote) claims it has entered a ‘new pricing era.’

Tote informed consumers that its upgraded module had no limit on the amount of money a player could stake to obtain a price increase, and that it had been extended to all Tote pool markets with dividends above 1.20.

UK and Irish racing pools

Customers wagering on UK and Irish racing pools on the website are the only ones that will use the Tote+ module.

On explaining Tote+ benefits, the tote said: “For example, if the Scoop6 has a million-pound dividend, Tote+ customers will be paid £1.1m (£1m + £100,000 extra). If the Placepot pays £438, Tote+ customers will receive £481.80 (£438 + £43.80 extra).”

Unlike fixed-odds sportsbooks, the Tote calculates bonus dividends based on the pool stake maintained by winning ticket holders.

Outperforming traditional bookmakers

Following the trial of its latest Tote+ module, the Tote announced that its dividend had outperformed conventional bookmakers in the Grand National results last weekend.

  • Minella Times – SP 11/1, Tote+ 13.20
  • Balko Des Flos – SP 100/1, Tote+ 164.12
  • Any Second Now – SP 15/2, Tote+ 11.33
  • Burrows Saint – SP 9/1, Tote+ 11.33

The Tote retains its ‘pool guarantee,’ indicating that on all Win bets, it will either equal or surpass the market Starting Price (SP) or exceed it if the pool price is higher.

Jamie Hart, UK Tote Group’s Racing and Liquidity Director said: “Tote+ is our way to say thank you to all customers choosing to bet directly with the Tote. We want to reward customers for betting with us and ensure they receive the best possible value.

“Tote+, combined with Tote Guarantee means Tote customers will never be paid less on Win bets, and more if the pool price is bigger, while on all pool bets they will be receiving 10 percent better than the official dividend every single time they bet with the Tote.”