The Matador Wins Again This Time Prague

On the live circuit, the Matador won again. At the age of just 25 in Prague, Adrian Mateos closed in on $20 million in tournament wins.

The last three results of the live poker career of Adrian Mateos are impressive and require a detailed look before we even think about the specifics of how he accomplished his latest victory.

Just three weeks ago, for $520,464, Mateos won the Bahamas $25,500 MILLIONS Super High Roller. Just a few hours later, Mateos had another victory, this time by taking down the MILLIONS Main Event, winning $1.2 million.

Now, having travelled for the European Poker Tour festival to Prague’s famous pre-Christmas poker destination, Mateos has accomplished the incredible. A third cash and a third win, bringing it down for the equivalent of $196,741 this time in the $10,3000-entry event.

Mateos hasn’t just banked $1.9 million with three consecutive wins, although he’s done that a lot. He’s proven to have the best in the game right up there with his poker stamina. One thing is being able to transition from game to game within a festival, but from festival to festival, separated by plane journeys through his London home between Nassau and Prague, Mateos made it look easy again.

With 61 entries, in the first’ Red Spade ‘ competition at EPT Prague, Mateos made it to the final table is great fashion, but that wasn’t where the day ended, with nearly half of the field already having chips when the first card went into the air

In all, the day started with 27 players joining as seven Day 2 entries were permitted in many of the higher-entry events in the world. With € 591,000 in the prize pool, several big names failed to add to their tournament wins, with Seth Davies, Kahle Burns, Quan Zhou and Yuan Li all coming out without getting their high society stack back.

Daniel Dvoress, approaching the final table, bust out of the last sit-down showdown. Nine players took their seats, but only eight would be charged, and it was Austria’s unfortunate Matthias Eibinger who was going to bust 9th. Eibinger kept ace-king for 11 major blinds and was in great shape against the ace-nine of Tsugunari Toma. But while a harmless ace came on the flop, the nine on the turn sent Eibinger home as a bubble boy, coupled with no support for Eibinger on the river.

With eight left, Arsenii Karmatckii was the first player to bust after losing a coin-flip to go home for € 23,670 in 8th place, before Orpen Kisacikoglu saw his chances straight out of the winner’s contest, leaning toward € 30,180 in 7th place.

Tsugunari Toma’s luck finally ran out with six players left, the Japanese player busting against Vladimir Troyanovskiy. Team partypoker Pro Bertrand ‘ Elky’ Grospellier was next to find himself out of the running, with the full house flopped down by the trip queens against Derek Ip.

Having lost a few vital doubles to Grospellier before the bust of the Frenchman, Troyanovskiy was short-stacked and would leave his countryman, Anton Yakuba, in fourth place. Yakuba called the shove of Troyanovskiy kept ace-jack with pocket sevens and flopped a jack to bust his countryman.

Mateos had largely stayed out of the line of fire with the play three-handed, but when he called Derek Ip for a pile of chips, he put himself in a huge coinflip situation. Ip made the all – in move with pocket jacks, but when a queen arrived on the right, Mateos ‘ ace-queen call met with success.

Anton Yakuba has been heading up at a 1:2 disadvantage and Adrian Mateos has made the lead count. Finally, Yakuba slid farther down, calling hero on the river of a hand where Mateos held two sets. Yakuba kept only king-high, and despite being a runner-up cash for € 128,400, which fell against the result of € 177,500 for Mateos.

EPT Prague $10,300 No Limit Hold’em final table results:

Place Player Country Prize
1 Adrian Mateos Spain € 177,500
2 Anton Yakuba Russia € 128,400
3 Derek Ip Hong Kong € 82,840
4 Vladimir Troyanovskiy Russia € 62,720
5 Bertrand Grospellier France € 48,520
6 Tsugunari Toma Japan € 37,870
7 Orpen Kisacikoglu Turkey € 30,180
8 Arsenii Karmatckii Russia € 23,670


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