Spellbound Slot

Spell Bound Slot is a magic-themed slot from Microgaming! This review will give you all the insight you need to know about this slot game.

The Microgaming Spellbound slot machine is an effortless, simple spinning action with wins that will enable multiple player stakes up to 6000x. Spellbound is a slot game consisting of 3 reels and 3 paylines, which therefore help or enable many chances for winning prizes with every spin.

The game is themed after magic spells, which means you will enjoy the slot if you know a few spells of your own.

There is a wild witch character that fascinates and beguiles players with her powers, casts your spells, and will get real money in return when playing the Spellbound 3 reel machine. This slot machine game is an enjoyable slot with intriguing winning potentials and exciting experiences. In this Spellbound Slot review, you get to know the sum-up of how to play online, the game symbol, lots of interactive and bonus features, understanding the paylines stakes, and more. This slot review will cover the many hidden and subtle features, symbols, casino bonuses and others that players can enjoy on the Spellbound Slots.

About Spellbound Slot

This is one of the Microgaming slot games themed after a Celtic sorceress. The game uses an array of magical features to fit the environment created by the theme. Surprisingly, there are 3 paylines on the slot, which is not typical for Microgaming slots. But the game compensates its players with other features and actions that are quite rewarding once you land them on the reels.

The graphics here are quite appealing, too; there are cool animations that match the game’s theme. The background music is all too befitting and will keep you interested as you continue spinning. There are various game symbols too, which not only serve to improve the gameplay experience but also award regular bonuses and cash prizes when matched on the reel. Since slot fan loves free spins, this slot game also has decent free spins offer for slot fans and a wild symbol that helps spice up the game’s actions when you land them during gameplay.

How To Play Spellbound Slot Online

Below is the preferable list on how to play Spellbound slot online. Once players have done this, they can enjoy the game and continue playing.

  • First, you have to start the game online or on a preferred site.
  • Each player has the right to select either one, two, or more paylines.
  • A payline becomes active when the player uses one, two, or three coins. Paylines usually represent active coins on reels. The value of each coin could range between 0.25 and 5.00 coins per spin.
  • Players are opportune to make the least bet that can be as low as 0.25, while they can also make the highest stake, up to 15 credits.
  • The winning amount varies with how players tend to choose on stakes with variable paylines.

The Spellbound slot fans do not have to worry about getting to a casino before playing their favourite game. They also do not need to download an app for the Spellbound slot when you can visit your mobile site that offers the slots and is compatible. It can be enjoyed with mobile devices such as IOS and Android.

Interactive Features

The Spellbound game comes with lots of features to celebrate with. Getting hold of real money made from the Spellbound video slot and getting lots of free spins of up to 500 and more amazing features come with the Spellbound slots, making it stand out among other casino online games. Some of the features that make it stands out are listed below;

Game Symbols

There are many symbols in this exclusive game, including regular symbols you might find on other slots. There are some unique features for the symbols on this game too, and they include:

Mystery Symbol: Sometimes, when you spin the Spellbound slot particular cards, they might become your lucky wins when they change.

Base Game: This makes the Spellbound symbol appear when the wild is turned and when the crazy symbol is added to an unsystematic place or position.

Bonus Features

  • Free Spins Feature: When you get on any of the spell books on the reels, you will begin to spin for free, making it amazing for the upgrades.
  • Wild Columns: five reels, when one goes completely wild and continues spinning till it is completed.
  • Royal removal: symbols that have low value will become useless after every spin.
  • Wild multiplication: Winnings are awarded to the increase in extra wild combinations
  • The expanding reels: The reels can increase up to 5×4 till around 1024 different winning combinations.

On the reels, players will come across some of the other enchanted symbols, like the Ruby red amulet and a magnificent eagle owl. However, the reel symbols can be as classic as representing or depicting the traditional BAR symbols’ old single, double, and triple icons.

What Button Triggers Spell Bound Slot Bonus Free Spins?

The bonus game is triggered by landing the spellbound scatter symbol. As long as you land 3  or more of this scatter symbol, you will be awarded up to 5 extra spins to play the bonus game.

Paylines and Stakes

There are 3 paylines here, and when you go for a single payline, you can win with an average of 1500x the stake. Therefore, if you go two paylines, you can win a stake up to 3000x, which goes up higher with 3 or more paylines of 6000+x stakes. The more paylines you choose will determine how much cash in return will be a win with higher value stakes. There is a wide betting range here too.

Spellbound Game Software

Spellbound software was launched in September 2005 by Microgaming, a privately-held software company located in the Isle of Man. Microgaming is known to have dated back to 1994 and is also the first to present online casino games. Microgaming offers unparalleled video gaming slot software with mysterious graphics to leading operators and players worldwide. They are also well renowned for their impact on the development of slot games and online casinos. Microgaming is also known to have developed the first mobile casino software in 2004, and they are also well known as home to Blockbuster games like Game of Thrones Power Stacks, Game of Thrones Slot, and many more.

What is Spellbound RTP?

The Spellbound RTP ranges to about 96.11%, and players get a relatively high amount of money when they get their payouts for winning. This is well above the average RTP value for most online slots. Hence, players can rest assured of a reasonable payout when they win on the classic slot.

Slot Volatility

This classic slot game has a medium variance and, therefore, medium volatility, which translates that players will get decent offers while playing here and a frequent recurrence of the bonus win, which is why it is better than slots with low and high volatility levels.


The spellbound slot is an enormous success from Microgaming. It has lots of exemplary experiences with free and simple paylines for the players; The Spellbound slot game is beautiful and entices players with its features. The multiplier features aspect attract players accompanied by a charming atmosphere, lovers of spells and enchantress games with simple spins action and wins are up for grabs of the Microgaming company game Spellbound.

This online slot consists of 3 reels and 3 paylines which means there are chances of winning in every spin and frequent reoccurring wins that make it one of the best online progressive jackpot slots. The RTP value is high with a reasonable amount in return. Therefore, it is a good recommendation for slot fans interested in slot games that offer cool interactive features and regular bonuses.