Wacky Panda Slot Review

This simple slot game would be of no stress at all to newbies, even if you are starting your slot journey with the online slot. Expert slot lovers would also be happy to break from a slot game with so many complications, as this Asian panda theme slot gives them that. If you want to know more about the cute Panda, read on to find out more from the Wacky Panda Slot Review.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear of Pandas? Does it open up your goofy side, or do you want to run and hide due to fright? If the latter is your lot, you should be aware that the Wacky Panda, with its 3 reels and 1 payline, is too cute to do you any harm.

Most punters are into games that do not come with a bonus feature, and with this lot, their wish might have just come to pass in the form of a cute panda.

This simple slot game would be of no stress at all to newbies, even if you are starting your slot journey with the online slot. Expert slot lovers would also be happy to break from a slot game with so many complications, as this Asian panda theme slot gives them that. If you want to know more about the cute Panda, read on to find out more from the Wacky Panda Slot Review.

About Wacky Panda Slot Game

Microgaming created wacky Panda in December 2017, along with popular slots like Wild Catch. This 3-reel 1 payline slot comes with so many cute panda graphics laying across its reels in all of its colourfulness. There is no unique bonus feature in this wacky theme slot, and all of the symbols you will find in the slot are cartoon-like and follows an Asian theme in the green background where the bamboo forest is located.

In this slot, you will find 5 pandas that you cannot help but love, and the Panda with the highest value gives you huge winnings of up to 3,333 coins for 3 matched combinations on 1 payline. Some of the symbols in this slot include fruits like grapes, bananas, watermelons, and pandas, which are lovable. This classic slot game will blow your mind if you can look beyond its lack of bonus features.

How To Play Wacky Panda Slot Online

Just as you already know, the Wacky Panda Slot is a simple slot game, and as expected, the gameplay should also be straightforward. All of the complicated rules you will expect to find in a slot are absent here, and if you follow the instructions you will see below, you are on your way to getting all the attractive offers from the wagering requirement that Panda offers.

  • The first thing you have to do in starting your gameplay is to set your bet size using the (+) and (-) spin buttons.
  • You should also set the size of the coin you want to use in your gameplay.
  • You can then spin the reels and begin your game.
  • Any other change you want to make after the game has started can be done with the menu button located at the side of the reels.
  • You can change the current size of the coin your stake is on, and you can still change your bet size.
  • The sound can also be toggled on/off if you so desire.
  • The quick spin feature is also available if you want the spinning process to be faster.
  • The autoplay function is also available, where you can choose between 10, 25, 50, or even 100 spins. This will keep the reels spinning until the number of spins you selected has been used up.

The Wacky Panda allows you to play the slot on any device you desire. If you want to use your mobile devices, laptop, desktop, android, or even iOS devices, it is left to you to decide.

Interactive Features

There is no additional feature for slot players to look forward to in this slot. The Wacky Panda probably feels that any other feature would spoil the simplicity of the slot, and this might be so. This traditional slot would have lost all of its basic charms if more features had been added. There is no wild symbol nor bonus spins in this modern slot game.

The single feature, which you should look up to in the absence of a unique feature, is the highest paying symbol, giving the winning combos the red coloured Panda with a watermelon in the slot. This symbol is extremely rare, and hence it is expected that you maximize the symbol and all that it brings in rewards.

Game Symbols

As with the game’s title, the most common feature in this traditional slot is pandas. In this slot type, you will find red pandas, gold pandas, purple pandas, blue pandas, yellow pandas, and black pandas as pandas in the online casino. To have a winning combination, you would need to land 3 matching pandas on 1 payline to have a win. Moreover, by landing the high paying symbol being the red Panda with watermelons in its mouth, only 1 or 2 landings on the payline can give you a win.

The lower paying symbols include a grape bunch, a banana bunch, and watermelon. All of these classic fruits have their respective values in this slot. If you can land 3 of the black or yellow pandas, you will get 120 coins, blue pandas give you 180 coins, purple pandas give you 360 coins, and golden pandas give you 900 coins. The watermelons can provide you 90 coin credits.

Bonus Features

The Microgaming slot lacks any bonus features, which might be a turn off for slot players interested in the additional features. For those who love the fundamental nature of the traditional slot, it will not be an issue at all. However, the red pandas can be the wilds in this slot, seeing as they can give you rewards on any reels where it is found.

What Symbol Triggers Wacky Panda Slot Bonus Free Spins?

There are no free spins n or bonus rounds in the Wacky Panda Slot, as there are no bonus or additional features in the base game or demo version of the game.

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Paylines and Stakes

With as little as 30 credits in this 50x wagering game, you will be able to make your 1st deposit, 2nd deposit, and 3rd deposit in this classic slot game. The slot has just 1 payline, and it comes with high paying symbols that make up for that.

Wacky Panda Slot Game Software

Microgaming is the software provider that powers Wacky Panda Slot. The company has over 800 games present in its stable and has its games in over 160 casino sites today, such as:

  • Mega Moolah Goddess
  • Wasabi San
  • Western Frontier
  • Volatile

The software provider has licenses from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, Gibraltar Gaming Commission, and the Malta Gaming Authority.

Its headquarters is centred in the Isle of Man, and it has made over €375 million as profits from its progressive jackpot network. The company has created so many slot games, and the company keeps bringing innovative solutions to ensure that gambling and casino usage is done responsibly.

What is Wacky Panda RTP?

Wacky Panda remembers that there is no bonus feature for you; hence it gives you 96% as the Return to Player Average. This rate is excellent as if you wager £100 it is assured that you will get £5 for every game you play.

Slot Volatility

The volatility of this slot is medium. A medium volatility slot gives you all the rewards you need in the form of payouts at little or no risk incurred. Most slot lovers go after slots with medium volatility, giving them an edge in their gameplay.


If you are a fan of pandas, you will not find this slot boring and too basic. The fact that the game comes with a 3,333-credit cash prize to those who can access the 3 panda symbols in red will make you interested. This old-school video slot has good graphics and soundtracks with the animal-themed game.

There are so many slots with the Panda as its main animal feature; hence animal lovers would want to play all of those slots to ensure they are getting value for money. The critical question is whether Wacky Panda will stand out from the thousands of panda-themed slots today.