Immortal Romance Slot Review

Do you enjoy vampire stories and movies? Then check out one of the most popular slot games on the market and enjoy the Immortal Romance slot game.

Immortal Romance is packed with high-quality graphic designs that bring out the vampire-themed and horror setup, similar to Boogie Monsters Slot. Microgaming did a splendid job on this popular game.

The character animation, symbols, bonus features, and other winning options give you all you need in a game. This immortal romance slot review looks at everything you need to know about the game.

About Immortal Romance Slot Game

The Microgaming firm unleashed a game that surpasses the graphic expectations of any online video slot game. In this game, you are in a romance story while submerged in a horror setup and animations that keep you on the edge of your seat. You experience thrill and enjoyment and get carried away in this beautiful game full of rewards.

Any slot game has the main target aim of winning some cash. So the gameplay falls on a five-reel, three rows, and 243 ways to win your wager. 

Other slot games present paylines that dictate how you win your cash. Immortal Romance goes beyond the paylines and offers you 243 ways to win some money.

Apart from the gameplay, the immortal slot game boasts a high RTP of 96.86%. That means for the 100 you stake as your bet amount, you have a chance of winning back 98.86 of the money. Slot volatility of the game falls under the high category. 

That is to say, if a gambler puts together high RTP and high volatility, then the chances of them ending up with encouraging returns increase.

The immortal romance slot game has background sounds that have proved micro gaming as serious and slot game leaders. Anytime you hit the scatter symbol, the orchestral sounds unleash the thrill and sends tense feelings when playing the game.

The animations used to depict the game characters are unique, each specifically designed with its look and role in the game.

It is a game that allows you to perform free spin, auto-plays, bonus games, and rounds, and also the quick spin feature is in the game. In the same way, you get to encounter symbols like amber, the wild desire, lion head, immortal romance logo, and many more,

Going by the theme design, the game setup tells you there is more to expect when playing the game. Moreover, the game is compatible with all mobile versions, i.e. mobile devices, tablet devices, and desktop devices. Those that allow internet connection, and you can play on any mobile slots platform. 

Indeed if you have had a chance to watch other horror movies, this game will give you that experience again. You will not only have fun on the reel, but you will also have some cash in your pocket.

How To Play Immortal Romance Slot Game

Playing the immortal slot sites is thrilling, captivating, and fun at the same time. You can play on your own or take advantage of the game’s auto feature, allowing the machine to make cash for you. 

  1. The game’s compatibility with other devices makes the game more interesting.To play the Immortal romance game, you must understand the following procedure: Whether you are a gaming legend or an amateur.The game has five reels, three rows, and 243 ways of winning your bet amount.

2. You must choose the amount of the bet you want to place. The bet amount ranges from 0.03 to a maximum of 60 per spin of the five reels.

3. After placing your bet amount, press the spin button, and the game will be underway for you to win some cash.

4. During the spin, there are symbols that you should watch out for to trigger free spins features and bonuses

5. While the machine is spinning, the triggered wild desire feature will likely turn any or all five reels. But here is the hint for you to know if the wild desire is about to unleash. You will notice that the reel spins for longer than expected.

6. When all the reels or any of them start to spin at any time, be watchful for the random wilds symbols which might give you ×1500 of your bet amount.

7. Don’t be content with the wild symbols; continue to achieve the chamber of spins. These are free bonus spins that you unlock when you trigger scatter symbols, and all you have to do is combine at least three of the scatter symbols.

8. The popular slots game also features vampire bats symbols that carry their weight in the slot features. These include Troy, Sarah, Amber, and Micheal.

Each vampire gives free spins, so be watchful for the unique features that trigger the free bonus spins. These vampires are bonuses with

  • At the onset, you only have ambers bonus round, a turn that awards you ten free bonus spins and an opportunity to have more chances to spin again.
  • The troy bonus gives you 15 free spins but with 6×multipliers 
  • A Michael triggers 20 free spins but with an additional feature of Michael’s rolling reels.
  • Sarah’s bonus triggers 25 free spins, and you have access to Sarah’s wild vine. 

To increase your stake in the game, watch out for the above symbols and features that keep appearing on the reel, and you will have a reason to smile.

Interactive Features

Slot games are full of interactive features that keep the gambler wanting more. The slot software firms know the importance of playing with the psychology of the gambler. It is for this marketing tool that popular games have interactive features.

The common interactive features include

  • Progressive jackpot
  • Bonus games
  • Symbols

The Immortal Romance slot game is no different; it has such interactive features or even more.

Progressive Jackpot

A progressive game jackpot is popular with most online slot games. But if you are looking for that in the immortal Romance, then you will land a miss. But, there are other winning options that you can take advantage of and win good cash.

The immortal romance slot game has a unique maximum win of 3,645,000 coins. Is that not what you are looking for in a game? But wait, if you combine that maximum coins won with high volatility, the amount is far more enriching to any gambler.

Bonus Games

The immortal romance slot game is packed with other bonus games and features that yield more gambler returns. You get specific features attached to each game’s bonus character when the bonus games are active. 

The following are several bonus games and features attached to the game.

  • Wild desire.

It is a bonus feature that triggers randomly during gameplay. And when it does, you end up at 1500 times the bet amount you put on stake.

  • Chamber spin features 

The immortal romance slot game gets active when you have at least three or more lion knocker symbols. But the number goes up to five, and you get an impressive 200 times the wager with four free spins.

It is a chamber of spin because of host bonus features that attract good cash. 

You get the following when you activate the chamber of spin features in the slot game.

  • Amber feature delivers ten free spins with 5×multiplier
  • Troy gives 15 free spins accompanied by a bat feature. The bat feature yields 6×multiplier
  • Michael feature gives you 20 free spins, rolling reels, and a multiplier of 2× up to 5×
  • Sarah’s feature gives you 25 free spins with an extra vine feature. The vine symbol randomly changes other symbols into wilds during the game.


The Microgaming slots game included symbols in the immortal romance game to add spice to the game. Also, the symbols earn you more cash while enjoying the game altogether.

Specific symbols for the game actively provide different stages and bonuses.

 Specific symbols in immortal Romance are

  1. The wild symbol replaces other symbols on the reel. Once it substitutes other symbols, it creates a win for you as a gamer.
  2. The scatter symbol is in the form of a lion’s header knocker. Always look for three or more of this anywhere on the reel. When the scatter symbol lands on any reel, they trigger an exciting bonus round in the game.

Apart from the two specific rounds, we have other high-paying symbols in the immortal Romance slot game. These symbols appear on the reel and thus attract more returns on your wager. 

One thing to note with the high-paying symbols is that they appear on the winning line and are more animated than other symbols.

They include the following. 

  •  The university building
  •  A handwritten scroll inside the library. 

When they appear on the reel, prepare because it is time to harvest big money.

What Symbol Triggers Immortal Romance Slot Bonus Free Spin

The immortal romance slot game has bonus free spins incorporated to win more cash while playing the game.

The famous free spin bonus is the chamber of free spins.

You must accumulate three or more lion door knocker symbols to activate this bonus free spin feature. However, if you gunner more than five, you win a satisfying 200 times your bet amount.

Other than the chamber of spins, there is another free bonus spin that you can trigger by having other game features. The wild desire gives you more free extra spins and other winning features.

Pay lines And Stakes

Pay lines

Unlike the famous play-lines on most online slots and casinos, immortal Romance does not have the pay line feature. However, the game has more than 243 ways that are less than the same as paylines, giving you a chance to win while playing.

It is a game with a top payout of £12,150×your total bet. You can win this amount when the troy feature appears on the reel.


The immortal Romance is a bit unclear on how you stake your money on the real. You have a chance to stake a minimum of £0.30 and a maximum of £100 per bet, and the bet coin value range is from £1 to £10. 

Immortal Romance Slot Game Software

The Microgaming firm released immortal Romance in December 2011, followed by popular romance slot Cashanova and Dream Date. However, the firm started way back in 1994, a company that prides itself on many top leading games in the market.

These games include 

It is a company that has won several awards, awards like best casino I gaming soft 2010, and Casinomeister best software supplier of the year 2010.

The company also ensures you enjoy your games on the go. Their games are compatible with Mac computers, iPhones, Apple phones, and Android phones.

What Is The Immortal Romance Slot RTP

The average video slot RTP for the immortal romance slot game is 96.86% which means it falls within the average RTP of 96% like most slot games.

It assures you when you know that for every bet amount of 100, the chance of you getting back is 96, which is encouraging. When you combine this enticing RTP with a maximum win of 12,150×per spin, you end up with a substantial amount in your pocket.

Slot Volatility

The immortal Romance is a high volatility game. That means for every bet. You have few chances of winning your bet, but with high payouts. The number of times you win is not many, but the money you get when you win a bet increases. 

Therefore if the game has a high variance rate with an RTP of average of 96%, then it is good for you as a gambler.


Immortal Romance sets a vampire-themed slot and horror movie setup. It is a game for you if you are a fan of love stories coupled with some thrill.

It is a game you can play by both seasoned gamblers and beginners. The graphics, the game design, and the autoplay option make it easy to play. It is a game with high returns on your bet money; you are likely to have a bountiful harvest with this game.

The character in the game, the animations, game bonuses, and other features are the Microgaming firm’s impressive work. You can also learn the rules, understand the features, and get accustomed to the features and symbols. Make use of the free mode online.