White Rabbit Slot Review

Ever read the Alice in Wonderland series? Well, this slot lets you take a peek into the rabbit hole just like Alice did. The game is themed around the popular Alive in Wonderland book, and it comes with a lot of intrigues and fantasies that are described in the game.

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The White Rabbit slot game has existed since 2017. Ever since it came into existence, it has continued to entertain new players and loyal players alike, with huge bonus rounds and big wins on the table.

This White Rabbit slot review will look at the RTP, Bonus rounds and other interactive features. Be sure to stick around as we reveal more exciting features and details about this exciting slot game.

About White Rabbit Slot Game

The White Rabbit slot game comes from Australia’s most popular game software provider – Big Time Gaming. This slot game developer has created many top-rated slot games, following inspiration from Alice in Wonderland, a story that CS Lewis wrote in 1865.

Since the book has stories about pipe-smoking cats and giant mushrooms, you can expect the White Rabbit Slot games to be thrilling and exciting. The game developer has done an incredible job catching every detail of the story: fantastic visuals and graphics.

Besides having enhanced graphics and pleasing visuals, the slots games on the White Rabbit website have an exciting theme. The slot games feature a giant caterpillar that sleeps by some giant mushrooms in a forest. What’s more, you are treated to a classic soundtrack when playing the White Rabbit Slot.

The White Rabbit Megaways have 5-Reel slot games with up to 7 symbols. With such an arrangement, you can be sure to have up to 16,807 win ways! The slot games also have wild multipliers added to increase the payout limit. You can spend as low as 10p per spin or as high as £20 per spin on the platform.

How to Play White Rabbit Slots Online

You can begin your play on the White Rabbit Slot by selecting the amount you want to spend. This amount could range from 10 coins to 200 coins! You will then click the PLAY button to take a shot at the reels. You have the alternative of choosing the Feature Drop bonus to multiply your stake by 10x. 

White Rabbit Slot triggers random Bonus Features. The two features that trigger bonuses are Caterpillar and Bonus Wild, and the caterpillar adds up to three Bonus Wilds onto the reels. On the other hand, Bonus Wild increases your winning potential by 2x or 3x. 

The White Rabbit slot game also has an Autoplay feature. This feature plays the reels on your behalf for up to 100 rounds. However, it needs you to set a loss limit for stopping the Autoplay once you have lost the spins by the margin you had selected.

You can also set a single win limit for stopping the Autoplay once you’ve won by a certain amount. Winning a payout is simple, and you will have to match symbols on a reel with those on the adjacent reels to win a payout. Stake any amount from £0.10-20.00 when playing the White Rabbit Slot reels.

You can play the White Rabbit Slot on a PC or mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. Android and iPhone users can all play the White Rabbit slot games since they are available. 

Interactive Features

The White Rabbit Slot has features that set it apart from other online slots. The features increase the thrill of playing online slot games, besides increasing your winning potential. Therefore, the White Rabbit Slot is a game that guarantees thrilling excitement and the potential to win. Its interactive features include the following:


The Queen of Hearts is perhaps the most crucial Symbol on the reels as it pays the most. Ruby is one of the Queen’s precious jewels with Emerald and Diamonds. The Queen’s jewels also pay high amounts, but not as high as The Queen of the Hearts symbol. The other characters are low-paying, but they are just as important as the Queen of hearts and the three precious jewels. 

The game provider decided to represent the Cheshire Cat with Ace. Tweedledee and Tweedledum symbols are matched with K, while Dodo corresponds with the symbol Q on the reels. The Mad Hatter resembles Jack, the Teapot symbol corresponds with 10, and Cups is paired with the symbol 9. The Caterpillar symbol treats you by giving you the bonus wild that increases your winning potential by 2x or 3x. 

Bonus Games

You can be sure to benefit from the 15 free spins when playing the White Rabbit slot game. Spin the reels and land the White Rabbit on reels 2, 3, or 4 for a chance to win free spins. The Feature Drop also triggers gameplay, but you will spend between 10p to £20. Therefore, you can be sure to have bonus games when playing the White Rabbit casino.

Progressive Jackpots

The White Rabbit Slot has no progressive jackpot. The free spins increase your winning potential, especially with the wilds added to the mix. You only need to spin the right symbol combination on the reels for a chance to win spin prizes. The White Rabbit is a fair slot game with impressive spin wins. You can play it online and see what prizes you win!

What Symbol Triggers White Rabbit Slot Bonus Free Spins?

You can play the White Rabbit slot for a chance to win 15 free spins. But your reels will have to show three scatter symbols on reels 2, 3, and 4 to win the 15 free spins. 

You will also have the feature Drop bonus triggered when you have three scatters on the said reels. The bonus spins only increase your chances of a payout. What’s more, your winning potential will also increase, especially with the Feature Drop bonus triggered. You may visit the platform and play the White Rabbit slot for a chance to win 15 free spins.

Paylines and Stakes

When playing the White Rabbit Slot game, you can be sure that you’re playing safely. The game limits the amount you can stake when spinning the reels, encouraging healthy play. You can wager any amount from 10p to £20, and you can set your limit and still play incredibly on the platform. This restriction is a plus since some players might find the game more thrilling and exciting to play and might spend more than they can afford. 

White Rabbit Slot Game Software

Big Time Gaming is an Australian company that has established a firm footing as a slot game provider. Operating from Sidney in Australia, Big Time Gaming has created other exciting slot games, namely Lucky Streak. Bonanza, and tar Quest, among other games.

The gaming company has also created plenty of casino games such as Auto Blackjack, Feathered Frenzy, and Finest Roulette. Therefore, it is a reputable gaming provider with plenty of casino games and slots under its banner. You can trust it to deliver quality slot games to slot operators.

Here is a list of some other reputable games from Big Time Gaming:

  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Viking Quest
  • Who Wants To Be a Millionaire
  • Royal Mint

The company came into existence in 2011 as a game provider with over a decade of experience making thrilling casino and slot games. The game provider has received international recognition from the gaming community.

A good instance was in 2017 when the gaming software provider won the iGaming Software Experience. Big Time Gaming has worked with other slot operators, and it continues to churn out thrilling and exciting slot and casino games. You can be sure to enjoy the White Rabbit slot game since it comes from one of Australia’s best slot gaming providers. You can visit the platform and play the White Rabbit slot game.

What is White Rabbit Slots RTP?

The White Rabbit slot has an RTP of 97.77%. Playing the White Rabbit slot is fun and exciting. You can be sure to increase your winning potential since the game has 15 free spins when you line up scatter symbols on reels 2, 3, and 4. You also stand a chance of winning a cash prize after staking an amount ranging from 10p to £20. 

What’s more, the White Rabbit slot has an RTP of 97.77%. The slot game also allows players to win up to 13,000x the amount they stake when spinning the reels! With an RTP of more than 97%, you can be sure to receive a hefty amount if you are a lucky player, and you get the most return from the amount you spent on the reels. 

The White Rabbit slot game spices the gameplay by combining eye-catching symbols with a classic soundtrack that brings nothing but sheer entertainment. With enhanced graphics from leading game software providers, the White Rabbit is an exciting slot game to play on smartphones and PCs. You can play the slot game for your chance to get the most out of your free time.

More Info

The RTP stands for the Return to Player is the amount you receive after winning a cash prize. With an RTP peaking at 97.77%, you can be sure you will receive more than 97% of the cash prize! Assuming your potential winning is £100, you will receive £97.77 if you are a lucky player. 

A generous amount to win while playing the game. The White Rabbit has one of the highest returns to players, making it a lucrative slot game for players. You can begin playing the slot game for a chance to win a cash prize that depends on the amount you spend. 

Slot Volatility 

The White Rabbit slot game has high volatility. It features an RTP of 97.44% at the base game, but this RTP could go up during the bonus feature to 97.77%. You can play the White Rabbit slot game after staking an amount from 10p to £20. 

 It’s no surprise the White Rabbit slot games have high volatility. Besides, most Big Time Gaming slots have high volatility with increased RTP. However, the White Rabbit slot game has no progressive jackpot. But that game is still lucrative, given that you can win up to 13,000x the amount you stake.

The White Rabbit slot game remains an incredible slot with a fantastic free game that includes 15 free spin bonuses. If you love to spend your free time playing online slots, it is time to venture into playing one of the best themed online slots. 

You don’t need to stake large amounts when playing this slot game. With just 10p, you stand a chance of winning a cash prize with an RTP of 97.77%. The White Rabbit slot is a game that we recommend you to play.


The White Rabbit slot has existed since 2017 and has built a reputation as a thrilling and exciting slot game. It comes from a gaming software provider that delivers incredible performance with high-tech graphics – Big Time Gaming. The game provider has also existed for a long time and has produced several other thrilling and exciting online slot games.

Since a storybook inspires the White Rabbit Slot game, it vividly brings out some characters in the book, such as Alice, the White Rabbit, and the caterpillar. It brings them out in a fashion that no story ever could! What’s more, you get the chance to interact with the characters who are on your side to bring in some good luck!

The White Rabbit Slot also has interactive features that increase your winning chances and make it enjoyable to play. Players have BTG to thank for the incredible performance of the game and its fairness. The game provider came up with a creative way to tell Alice’s story in a slot game that most players admit to being entertaining just as much as it is thrilling. 

The game also has free spins to help you enjoy yourself more while increasing your chances of winning various cash prizes. You can access the White Rabbit slot game by phone or PC since it responds excellently on both devices. The White Rabbit slot is more than just a slot game with a high RTP value. You can play the game if playing online slots is what thrills you or is one way you spend your free time.