Oregon’s Grant Pass Downs Reveals The Flying Lark Gaming Initiative

Oregon’s Grants Pass Downs has revealed that within the next year, a new gaming, entertainment and dining venue will open adjacent to the plant.

The Flying Lark, created as part of a larger initiative to revitalise the horse racing industry in Oregon by entrepreneur and Grants Pass native Travis Boersma, is scheduled to come to Grants Pass during the latter stages of 2021.

Said to reflect “a significant, long-term investment in the city of Grants Pass,” it is added that the project will generate a significant number of jobs and improve the local economy.

In addition, The Flying Lark is intended to provide the equine industry throughout the area with critical funding and stability, including horse owners, trainers, veterinarians, jockeys, and a wide variety of vendors and suppliers.

The Flying Lark is part of the transformation of the Josephine County Fairgrounds into a year-round attraction for Southern Oregon and Northern California, along with recent improvements to Grants Pass Downs.

Boersma, CEO and founder of Grants Pass Downs and The Flying Lark said: “We’re really looking forward to the impact The Flying Lark will make both economically and culturally to our local community and the state of Oregon.”

Next to the Grant Pass downs, the Flying Lark will include a gaming floor and lounge, sports bar, food and beverage outlets, banquet facilities and regional artist-designed works of art.

The institution is named after the iconic Oregon thoroughbred of local racing icon Don Jackson, who in the 1980s led the nation in wins for two years. A well-respected Grants Pass group member, Jackson was a long-time Grants Pass Downs supporter.