Hokkaido Government To Discuss IR Growth With Members of The Public

The Prefectural Government of Hokkaido will take sessions with the audience to discuss its studies on the problem of IR growth and to pursue government opinions on the problem. The sessions will be held in five separate towns between October 9 and 25.

Governor Naomichi Suzuki will examine the government responses at these conferences as portion of his choice as to whether to pursue the IR offer or not.

Tomakomai Mayor Hirofumi Iwakura has successfully lobbied the Hokkaido Prefectural Assembly’s conservative representatives, requesting them to promote an IR offer. He is doing what he can to guarantee a pro-IR position is taken by the governor and the parliament.

“The question of what legacy we will leave behind to the next generation in Hokkaido has become a challenging theme,” the mayor said.

Japanese tourism minister Kazuyoshi Akaba conducted last week’s news conference confirming that eight regions in the nation are involved in hosting an integrated resort (IR).

Akaba quoted the Japan Tourism Agency’s study outcomes, Japan Times verified. Tokyo, Yokohama, Hokkaido, Osaka, Nagoya, Chiba, Prefecture of Wakayama and Prefecture of Kagasaki are the eight regions. The study began on September 9 and ended on September 23.

To verify the position of their activities, the Tourism Agency said it will meet representatives from the eight fields. Local governments concerned in sponsoring an IR must submit their state authorisation intentions.