Gonzo’s Quest Slot Review

Gonzo Quest Slot is a game that takes you on a trip in the lost city of Gold. It is an epic yet fun-filled online Game by the NetEnt software producers

Gonzo’s Quest Slot has a beautiful theme setup that brings out the jungle experience. The sounds of falling stones will scare you but offer you hefty returns. The returns are based on the symbols and combinations on the screen during play.

In this review, you will learn, discover and understand the rules, symbols, and payouts—also RTP, slot volatility, and other winning combinations. You also get a chance to take advantage of the free spins on the reel bonus games and discover the powerful feature in the game known as the Avalanche.

About Gonzo’s Quest Slot game

Gonzos slot game is a quest game featuring the main character Gonzolo Pizzaro hence the name Gonzos. It is a flagship game from the NetEnt software maker of the game featuring the Avalanche reels.

The Gonzos slot game has an enticing and thrilling theme for you as a gambler. The characters, symbols, and features bring out old yet amazing graphics to give you a jungle setup.

It is a game that NetEnt dedicated to the Mayan theme from the start to the end. Everything from the features, such as the moon, land, and fire. Other symbols like the wild engraved question mark bring out the theme with a historical setup of the Gonzo Slot game.

However, if you are looking for music to entertain you during the game, it will disappoint. But, the sound trucks are incorporated in the quest to bring out the life in the game. The sounds of falling stones and slabs dropping on the ground and the game’s rumbling sounds enhance the theme layout.

Here is the catch. Online games fall into different categories and setups. Usually, the standard slot game categories include

  • Movie
  • Horror
  • Traditional
  • Superhero
  • Cartoon
  • Fantasy

Gonzo’s is no exception. It is a slot game that brings out both the traditional and movie setup.

There is more to this game that you need to know when you start playing. Gonzo’s Slot game falls in a five reel and three rows layout form with 20 paylines. You have a chance of staking a least bet of £0.2 and £50 in every spin you make.

 The stake can go up to ×2500 on the bet you win, with 94.5% RTP.

 How to Play Gonzo’s Quest Slot Online

Playing an online slot game is a buzz and thrill when you stake real money. Playing the game is simple, so there is no doubt why Gonzo’s Quest Slot game is popular. But, to grasp the flows and the rules of the game, you should try a free online demo game. 

That is how you will identify, understand and sharpen your playing combinations. When you look at the screen while playing the Gonzo Quest Slot machine, you will see at the bottom of the reel are the buttons indicating the following:

At the bottom of the rotation are the bet amount, the level you are playing, coins value, and the coins button.

  • At the top are the multiplier buttons 
  • On the sides of the reel are the paylines and rows.

So how do you play? Well, follow the following steps.

1. On pressing the spin button, a burst of falling stones and colourful graphics usher you into play as the reel refreshes.

2. You are then presented with new wins. There are 20 fixed paylines, so you have to match three masks to pick returns.

3. Look out for the winning symbols for you to harvest good returns on your wager. Remember, the highest possible win you could get is ×2500 on your bet, and the highest sign attracts a sum of ×125. Combine five symbols in a line and put a smile on your face.

4. Once you have won your wager, the winning symbols will disappear, and others will fall in their place.

5. If you wish the machine to play on your behalf, then take advantage of the autoplay button.

There are seven winning symbols to look for during the play. Yet, each character has its paying amount. So, discover these symbols to win the highest returns.

You enjoy the game on the go on your mobile device. Both iOS and Android devices support this game.

Interactive Features

In every online slot game, the producers ensure they incorporate play features that entice and keep the gambler yarning for more wins. NetEnt has taken note of the following interactive elements in the Gonzo Quest Slot game.

Progressive Jackpots

Most players of slot games will always look for progressive jackpots. Unfortunately, you can not find a progressive jackpot with the Gonzo Slot game. But not to worry about that; the Gonzo Slot game has other rewarding options. The options, when explored, will make you forget about the progressive jackpot.

The NetEnt team thought of a feature known as the AVALANCHE in the game. The feature, when used during the play, can trigger multiple wins. 

More so, you can trigger the avalanche feature when playing under the standard game mode.

The bottom line focuses on the game graphics and spots the winning combinations that fall on a pay line. Consider the Avalanche with the highest multiplier wins, and you will have a fulfilling win. Again, concentrate on free spins during play, think of a way to make a chain of ×15 multiplier wins, and harvest good returns on your bet.

All the above and other features are more fulfilling than targeting the Gonzo slot progressive jackpot.

Bonus Games

The Gonzo Quest slot game has many free bonus features and offers. When triggered, the features are the bonus games; they form winning combinations on the betting line—no wonder the game is favourite and exciting.

The avalanche feature/bonus. When triggered, you notice symbols falling with signs engraved on them. The marks could be in the form of a hawk, snakes, or even different masks. While in view, the symbols explode, forming a winning combination. 

The combinations are then multiplied with the amount of the multiple numbers shown on the multiplier meter. The multiplier meter displayed on the right side or the left side is usually from ×1,×2, ×3, ×4, and the highest being ×5. It would help if you understood that any win you make combines with multiple factors.


By now, you should have understood the theme of the gonzo slot game and its setup. In simple words, the game’s symbols are to enhance and entice you into a jungle setup.

So, the symbols will range from birds, snakes, alligators, and fish. Also, the signs will feature Mayan masks of different shapes and colours adorned with heavy stones engraved with other symbols.

There are symbols for the land, fire, moon, and a question mark on different masks. The mask with a question mark sign depicts the wild symbol. Note that the wild symbols come up all the time, and if luck is on your side, you end with significant wins.


The scatters, also known as free-fall symbols, feature in the Gonzo Quest slot game. When you get 3 of the scatters on the first three reels, you get to unlock Gonzo’s free fall spins.

What symbol triggers Gonzo’s quest slot bonus free spin

A bonus of free spins for any gamer means great and rewarding returns on the reel. The Gonzo Quest game has a free bonus spin that earns a player ten free wheels and increases multiplier factors. 

What does that mean? Instead of moving from a ×1 factor up to ×5, you will start from ×3 up to the highs of ×15 

That attracts high returns on the reel.

For you to earn these free spins, take note of the scatters/free fall symbols. Land more of these, and you will have free bonus spins.

Paylines and stakes


Some slot games allow you to choose the number of paylines you are comfortable playing in the gaming world. A player can play with high paylines, win more significant amounts, take a risk, play with low paylines and win low cash.

The gonzo quest slot game has a cascading 20 fixed paylines on either side of the reel, and that means you have to play with 20 paylines every time you take a spin. Yet, you can maximize your stake and have good returns if you play wisely.


The Gonzo Quest Slot game offers stakes of 0.2 as the least bet to stake 50 as the greatest amount per spin. The bet levels range from 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100 with coin values of £0.01, £0.02, £0.05, £0.10, £0.20, and £0.50.

Gonzos Quest Slot Game Software

NetEnt Company powers Gonzo’s Quest Slot game. The company started in 1996, and its headquarters are in Sweden.

The company has been in operation for the past 20 years. It is one of the leading producers of gaming solutions in the gaming industry and casino business.

During its existence, the company can boast about its success by winning the following awards in the gaming industry.

  • Live casino award for 2019
  • EGR Italy awards 2018
  • EGR Nordic awards 2019
  • Global gaming awards London 2019

You can visit the firm’s website and look at the list of awards they have won.

Apart from the above awards, the company prides itself on several top slot games and casino games. You can go to their website and discover other exciting games.  

However, the following are the famous games under the NetEnt company apart from Gonzo’s Quest.

Again, the NetEnt team understands the importance of attaching games with a jackpot as one of the most excellent marketing tools. So, NetEnt has enticing jackpots on their games that will keep you addicted to your game of choice. 

One of their jackpots wins features in the Guinness World Records. The record-breaking jackpot games include the Hall of Gods and Arabian Nights: Mega Fortune (featured in Guinness World Book of Records ) and Mega Fortune Dreams.

What are Gonzo’s Quest Slots RTP?

The Return to player percentage for Gonzo’s Quest slot game is 95.97, according to the software producer NetEnt. But this varies from one casino to the other, and however, on average, it stands at 96%. In simple words, you are likely to win more when you play Gonzo’s Quest slot game.

It is factual to state that the computation of RTP is over many spins that a player makes. So, it is good to know that you are unlikely to win a payout that matches the RTP at any given spin session. But you can enjoy the regular payouts even when Lady Luck has not shown her face on you. 

  Slot Volatility

The slot volatility is how often you win on the reel and the amount you get to succeed as a gambler. 

 There are different categories of slot volatility in the gaming world.

  • High volatility – Wins do not come frequently, but you get a hefty payout on your wager when they do.
  • Medium volatility – It offers frequent wins with a good amount of payouts.
  • Low volatility – The gambler wins frequently but with the low payout on the bet placed.

According to NetEnt, Gonzo’s Quest Slot game enjoys a medium to high volatility on the reel. That means a gambler has frequent wins with large payouts on every win.


Gonzo’s Quest Slot game is one of the best, and there is no doubt why it falls on the NetEnt list of top gamers. Ranging from the built-in theme, an amazon jungle setup falls in the video category. The Mayan characters, features, symbols, and colours bring out the game’s feel and touch, not to mention the game’s graphics. 

It is a game with 20 fixed paylines, five reels, 3 rows, and boosts with hefty paying symbols that comprise the wild, scatters, masks, and many more. The catch in the game is a feature known as the Avalanche, which raises your win significantly. What is more, You have winning combinations that deliver good money for you.

The Gonzos Quest Slot game is compatible with mobile phones. From iOS to android platforms. So, it is a game you can play on the go. The game also performs well on other platforms such as Mac and Linux computers, Windows, and laptops.

If you are a beginner, the game has an auto-play button on the reel. Take advantage of the button and win significant returns. On the same note, you can also play free online demo games to understand all the rules and processes of playing the game. It is a highly recommended game for game gurus and amateurs.