GamCare Calls For Participants For Lincoln Uni Gambling Research

GamCare called on participants to assist the University of Lincoln in conducting gambling and crime studies.

The University, on behalf of the Howard League, the UK’s leading charity and agency on penal reform, conducts study interviews with ‘participants who have committed a crime as a result of gambling.’

‘Crime & Problem Gambling’ study

The interviews will form part of the ongoing ‘Crime & Problem Gambling’ study from the Howard League, which seeks to provide deeper insights into the gambling-crime relationship.

The Howard League based its research on securing in-depth qualitative research, with interviews essential to obtain insights into:

  • First engagements with gambling
  • What types of gambling they partake in
  • How gambling escalates to criminal behaviours
  • Gambling’s impact on key relationships – family, employment and personal networks.

Lack of data of problem gambling connections with crime

In examining the larger effect of gambling on culture, House of Lords select committees investigating UK gambling have previously acknowledged a lack of data about problem gambling relationships with crime.

The study will be carried out on citizens of England and Wales who have to be +18 to participate (contact

“Through these interviews, the research aims to gain a greater understanding about how effective interventions or treatments for gambling problems are utilised, improving the understanding and support available to people who are affected by gambling and have engaged in crime,” said GamCare.