GambleAware Open Tender To Create A Network Of Lived Experiences

An invitation to tender for the design and construction of a ‘UK-wide network of people with lived experience of gambling harms’ was published yesterday by GambleAware.

GambleAware seeks to provide an inclusive network to develop its latest project programme, serving all people affected by gambling damage and addiction experience.

The charity maintains that there is no single, inclusive network that is representative of all individuals with lived gambling harms experience. However, at all levels of service delivery, research, policy and legislative development, the meaningful participation of those with experienced expertise is critical.

The software, which will run completely independently of GambleAware, will take place over a span of 18 months and is estimated to cost between £70,000 and £90,000.

The project will work towards two main goals: the development of a target operating model and the development and execution of that initiative.

GambleAware seeks to build a ‘network that is representative, sustainable, accessible, diverse and accountable: designed collaboratively with communities of people with lived experience of gambling harms; and informed by evidence and best practise from other movements and sectors’.  The setup and organisational element, meanwhile, will concentrate on delivering the national model.

GambleAware emphasised the holistic benefits of its network of lived experience in offering a vital level of assistance, while also promoting the formation of welfare science, policy and legislation.

GambleAware commissioned a short evidence review prior to undertaking its project to identify key components and factors in improving support network infrastructure within other sectors.

GambleAware has released its guidance document for engaging and involving individuals with experienced gambling damage experience.

It is expected that prospective bidders will formulate strategies for how they will interact with a variety of societies impacted by problem gambling, building on examples of what has historically operated with other businesses, research experience and literature.

The network will also set its own goals and build adequate power , resources and membership so that national discussion and policy making can be meaningfully involved and affected.

The UK Gambling Commission launched its ‘Experts by Experience’ group this summer, which is described as a key resource to expand the Commission ‘s guidance, recommendations and data on its harm reduction and successful player safety policies.

The National Gambling Treatment Service of the NHS, introducing a lived experience group created by GambleAware, saw further national directives to gain further insights into the treatment and support of gambling harms and addiction.