Easyodds Introduce ‘Punters Champion’ SRS

As a way of attracting new viewers to horse racing, Easyodds.com, based in Leeds has introduced the Syndicate Racing System (SRS).

By diversifying the position of syndicates, the system, nicknamed the ‘punters champion’ by the odds comparison platform, aims to improve exposure to television viewers interested in horse racing.

Ensuring tangible access to the sport

Easyodds said in an official Medium.com blog post that it believes that syndicate ownership is the key to ensuring tangible access to the sport through active engagement.

The company continued: “Easyodds.com has enjoyed a 20+ year relationship with British horse racing and is a keen advocate of the sport. As we expand our offering, we are eager to introduce horse racing to an even larger audience to ensure the sport’s long-term popularity and viability.

“Fundamentally, we believe that British horse racing needs to improve its perception to appeal to a younger and more diverse audience. Traditional barriers associated with preconceptions of exclusivity, wealth and privilege have to be addressed.”

Informed decisions

Easyodds intends to use the SRS to assist followers of horse racing in making informed decisions as well as to broaden the demographics of the sport.

SRS will function as an objective rating system designed to increase choice in horse racing syndicates and avoid schemes that offer minimal benefits to bettors.

David da Silva, CEO of Easyodds said: “The Easyodds SRS will be impartial irrespective of any commercial relationships that might exist with syndicate operators.

Free transparent and independent info

“Our primary interest is to give consumers transparent and independent information free of charge. We’ve been doing this for over 20 years with bookmakers, so we know how to make this happen for horse racing syndicates.

“The first phase of this will see a questionnaire rolled out to syndicates that we’ve identified in the UK. Any syndicate or racing club is welcome to participate, and the process is open to all. Once collated, we will publish our results on easyodds.com, which consumers can use as part of their research.”

The operator aims to promote the implementation of its current method by the British Horseracing Association (BHA) as a way of critically reviewing prospective syndicates to improve transparency and customer confidence and develop the spectator base of the sport.