Wildrcraft – Kalamba Games New Fantasy Themed Slot

In their brand new internet slot game Wildcraft, Kalamba Games takes players into a fantasy world. Walk on the reels of the game among wizards, assassins and orcs, with plenty to discover. The designer held users in mind with the fresh name, accommodating multiple types and sections of game.

Players will discover various characteristics in Wildcraft, including the Wild Column. Players will obtain a wild collection icon for the column in which it emerged for each wild collection sign. The Wild Column function will be triggered with three wild collection icons in a column. All column positions will become wild and the Column will stay wild until no surviving wild collection icons appear.

Players can gain additional spins as well. Three of the signs of the red important award will provide 3x bet plus additional spins. Players who receive the sign of additional turns, which is a+ 1 black circle, will receive one additional spin.

According to Kalamba Games, the new online slot also features missions. Players can choose to participate in four tasks where they can earn up to 1,000x the wager. A victory is gained by gathering a tiered amount of spell pages in 100 spins.

Other fresh slot game games have been published by Kalamba Games together with Wildcraft. The brand unveiled last month the distinctive Caribbean Anne slot containing a woman swashbuckling. The pirate theme proved to be quite successful with players loving the wild multiplier, four-level bonus jackpots in the match along with the characteristics of Hyberbet and Hyperbonus.

Both of these internet slot players are just a tiny sample of what Kalamba Games has created using distinctive characteristics and topics that appeal to any user form.