UK Racing Gets £3.2m Boost From HBLB

The Horserace Betting Levy Board (HBLB) gave UK racing a £ 3.2 million boost through immediate and short-term support.

The Board has agreed to finance £1.46m in one-off expenses incurred by racecourses that will be used to ‘meet regulatory standards and guidance for hosting fixtures in the current environment’.

This will be limited to £75,000 per track, ensuring that 34 of 40 racecourses with cost to date will be fully funded.

HBLB Chairman Paul Darling commented: “The Board has acted once again in an agile way to consider and agree new proposals from Racing and we are pleased to be able to offer another £3.2m of support, now, when it is needed.

“We will consider further requests at our next formal Board meeting in September. As always, these will be judged against the context of HBLB reserves and cash flow and how we optimise our support for the sport and industry.”