Regular Gambler Busted After Stealing $17,000 In Casino Chips

The temptation to walk away from the Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort in Arkansas with $17,000 in casino chips was too much for a recent patron.

The resort, located in Hot Springs, is a popular destination for residents of the area and is currently undergoing a major expansion project that might have been imagined a decent distraction by the prospective thief.

The gambler picked as many chips as he could and made a run for the gates, taking his cue from previous failed heists at Las Vegas casinos. However, unlike many of those Vegas escapades, he managed to get as far as outside.

Last Friday, Derrick Patrick Belton Jr. was playing blackjack at the casino before he decided to pull off his caper and make a grand getaway. Many purple poker chips were confirmed to have been stolen from the casino, each with a price of $500, from a rack that sat next to a dealer.

From the beginning, the plot was doomed. As if the guests of the casino were not already conscious, as all over the place the properties have cameras and monitoring equipment. At all places, security is often secure, but not so much in certain instances. For starters, as they are familiar to staff frequent casino members are not scrutinised as much as first-timers.

That familiarity should be appropriate, but not always, to keep those customers honest. According to the Hot Springs Sentinel-Record, Belton was a regular and even had a player ticket from the casino. It’s not clear how well he was doing in his blackjack game at the time.

Casino security personnel exchanged footage and camera stills with police showing Belton executing his act. It was one of the quickest inquiries into a casino robbery in recent history, with so much evidence, and this week Belton was picked up. He was released in the amount of $3,500 after paying bail and will go back to court on December 10 to hear about his fate. If the judge decides to throw the book at him, he looks back behind bars for as many as ten years.