BetPlay Sportsbook To Sponsor Colombian Football

The governing authority of the top two professional football leagues in Colombia, Dimayor, has secured a four-year sponsorship agreement with BetPlay–the flagship sportsbook property of the legacy Colombian gambling group Corredor Empresarial.

With immediate effect, all Dimayor sanctioned Colombian football competitions will feature the BetPlay brand as the title sponsor, including Liga BetPlay Dimayor, Copa BetPlay Dimayor, Torneo BetPlay Dimayor and the BetPlay Dimayor superliga.

The general manager of Corredor Empresarial S.A, Germán Segura, stated: “It is a dream for any brand in Colombia to sponsor national football. Beyond income, we always saw it as a commitment to passion. We are committed to one of the sports that excites Colombians the most and we are proud that men’s competitions bear our name.”

Dimayor club presidents, as well as Ramón Jesurun – president of the Colombian Football Federation (FCF) – and former football players were all present at the launch event which unveiled the competitions logos.

Jesurun added: “BetPlay’s support for creating and trusting something that represents the country’s greatest recreational factor is highly pleasing for football. On behalf of all, thank you very much, we will not let you down.”

The agreement with BetPlay comes from the recent agreement between Dimayor and Catapult that saw the organiser declare that Catapult’s wearable and video technology would be adopted by all 36 teams in Colombia’s first and second divisions.

Dimayor’s president, Jorge Enrique Vélez García, discussed how the use of Catapult technology can help to avoid injury risk and help to understand the demands of match: “In the Dimayor we believe that technology in sport is a tool that helps to enhance competencies and that is why we are always analysing how we have agreements with innovative companies in football,” he said.

“Catapult is a leading company in GPS and the monitoring of athletes in different disciplines, we as administrators of Colombian Professional Soccer are interested in clubs having the best inputs to preserve the physical integrity of the players and this new technology service that will enable this.

“We will have the most modern equipment of Catapult and thus we achieve an excellent agreement with them, so that they are our allies with the sports departments of the teams, in maximising the performance of the players.”


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