Upick First Mexican Firm To Sponsor NHL After Vegas Golden Knights Deal

Thanks to an agreement with the Vegas Golden Knights, which includes the brand’s appearance at the T-Mobile Arena, Upick has become the first Mexican firm to sponsor a National Hockey League (NHL) team.

Possibility to extend

The sponsorship also includes the Mexican brand on the website of the NHL squad, the app, the central screen of the stadium and on social networks. A statement from the company stated that if such results are reached by the end of the contract, the arrangement may be extended.

The owner of Upick, Carlos Lazo, clarified that these are “strong steps that should translate into solid growth and the positioning of Upick in the US market.”

He added: “Our strategy is to take advantage of the growing demand to watch and bet on this sport. But also, we’ve seen here in Mexico more and more bettors and this is reflected in the metrics, we see it on the users who register on our platform.”

Increasing interest in NHL

The bookmaker that belongs to the Xoy Capital conglomerate reported traffic of 4,500 users just three months after its launch. “There is a growing interest of the Mexican public in the NHL, especially since young people between 18-24 are the ones who have knowledge of this sport, they usually have a TV service with coverage of the NHL,” Lazo continued.

Upick’s owner described Mexico as a highly diversified country in terms of the local market, enabling the company to “reach a universe of consumer profiles that make this business more attractive.”

“We have a registry of all sports betting clients from Mexico, most of them are young experts who not only participate in sports like football, but also a growing population of American football (NFL), baseball, basketball, motorsports, hockey, boxing, rugby, tennis and cycling,” he concluded.