Tabcorp Execs Alert of Company’s Civic Duties Transitioning Into New Age

David Attenborough, CEO of Tabcorp Holdings Group, and Paula Dwyer, Executive Chair, released their final joint statements as the corporate leaders of the Australian ASX gambling and lottery business.

As previously announced to markets, prior to the company’s 2021 AGM, Attenborough and Dwyer will officially withdraw from all Tabcorp leadership and governance obligations.

The leadership pair, who have led the ASX company since 2010, said that Tabcorp was right to move into a new period of company and boardroom leadership, in which the ASX company will have to recover from profound COVID-19 harm alongside broader Australian industry and society.

Dwyer, opening her statement, reflected on what has been a devastating year for Australia’s national psyche: “It is sobering to remember that the onset of COVID-19 followed the devastation of the National Bushfires.”

Dwyer thanked all Tabcorp teams and partners for mitigating the chaotic conditions of the country, while driving the social obligations and civic responsibilities of the organisation under the toughest of conditions.

“In our response, the Company offered its support to the relief effort through a number of actions, most notably donating the proceeds of a one-off Saturday Lotto Bushfire Benefit Draw, which exceeded $1.9 million,” Dwyer continued.

“On behalf of the leadership team, I would like to thank our people and our industry partners for their resilience, dedication and creativity in the way they have stepped up to meet the significant challenges and respond to the rolling disruptions and uncertainty.”

Dwyer will leave Tabcorp as the organisation revises the governance of the boardroom, in which she claimed that the corporate target of delivering numerous acquisition integrations on Tatts had been accomplished by incumbents.

Dwyer endorsed Steven Gregg’s appointment as new Chairman, noting that the executive had a strong knowledge of Tabcorp activities, but acknowledged the ‘enormous complexities and duties’ of overseeing a listed operator of gambling and lotteries.

“To sustain the Company and the industry for the long term we must have a reputation for and commitment to operating our licences with the highest levels of integrity and responsibly manage the social impact of gambling,” Dwyer detailed closing her statemen

“We have built Tabcorp into a great company with a resilient financial position, market-leading brands, strong governance, culture and risk management, and with significant growth potential from its Australian base. Finally, I would like to thank our shareholders for your interest and support over the years.”

Reflecting on 2020 events, Group CEO David Attenborough said he was leaving the ASX business after leading the company’s COVID-19 response following the toughest professional challenge of his career.

In what is supposed to be Australian Companies’ largest CEO appointment, Tabcorp will lead the global executive hunt for Attenborough ‘s replacement.

Attenborough echoed Dwyer ‘s feelings that COVID-19 ‘s length and seriousness remained uncertain, urging the executive management team of the company to continue to “invest in initiatives that support our purpose of ‘Excitement with Integrity’ – such as our risk and compliance systems and customer care technology.”

“I am proud to leave behind a Company that has been substantially transformed into a diversified, resilient, purpose-led organisation. We have done a lot of work to integrate leading inclusion and diversity practices into our operations, to ensure diversity of thought and drive commercial success,” Attenborough concluded.

“Attracting, engaging, and retaining great talent is critical to achieving our strategic objectives. I’m proud of, and would like to thank, our talented and committed Tabcorp team, for their support over the year.”