Play’n GO Continue Expansion With Latest Offering Golden Ticket 2

Play’n GO, provider of excellent slot names, is close to becoming one of the industry’s leading brands. The company will release 52 titles by the end of the year, according to the original plans. The provider’s continuing efforts have contributed to the issuance of a new tag, Golden Ticket 2.

Golden Ticket 2 is a sequel of the 2014 title Golden Ticket, previously published. The brand-new version of the game promises to provide players with an outstanding gameplay experience with improved graphics and better features.

Golden Ticket 2 takes some elements from the original game, including the shape of the table, the drop multiplier and the win format. Players can also take advantage of casino spins and wilds, with the first-plan Play’n GO Win Spin.

The original edition of Golden Ticket has brought great success across the continents of Europe and Asia. Nevertheless, players worldwide love the game which is one of the reasons to include the new edition.

Speaking on Play’n GO ‘s latest launch CPO, Martin Zettergren said: “We have so many games beloved by players across the world, and Golden Ticket is one of those.

“We wanted to bring the fun and excitement that make it such a special title to whole new audiences, while also giving its original fans a new experience of their favourite game, by adding new elements for them to enjoy.”