Paddy Power Responds To Hector Bellerin’s Environmental Pledge

Following defeats in the Premier League back-to-back against Manchester City and Brighton FC, Paddy Power responded to the environmental commitment of Arsenal left-back Hector Bellerin.

Before the recommencing of the Premier League on Wednesday, June 17, Bellerin told his social media followers that he will personally support 3,000 trees to be planted by the One Tree Planted reforestation charity – ‘for every Arsenal win.’

In the past, Bellerin talked frankly about environmental concerns and how climate change is going to affect communities, urging professional footballers to wear sustainable clothes.

Paddy Power has praised the environmental stance of the Spanish international, but stresses that if ‘you can’t save the planet if you cant defend!’

Paddy Power has also stepped in to support the charity One Tree Planted, offering to fund the effort to reforest Bellerin.

Paddy Power will plant 6,000 trees for the remainder of the Premier League season every time the Gunners fail to win.

Paddy Power spokesperson said: “Since the Premier League has returned, an area the size of a football pitch is destroyed twice a week by Arsenal’s defence.

“We decided to step in and help hectare Bellerin out – after all, his team can’t defend their goal, let alone planet.”