NSoft Players Using In-Play Sportsbook Can Now Access Cash-Out

Players using the NSoft sportsbook app, which is offered as part of the provider’s In-Play Betting MTS turnkey solution, will now cash out.

Along with offering real-time live odds, a risk management service, resulting, and ticket processing, NSoft, a trusted partner of Sportradar, has introduced the common functionality as another key component of the in-play solution.

It helps you to cash out a ticket before the conclusion of a game, allowing you to earn early if the bet is going well or get any of your stake back if the bet is likely to fail.

Real time offer

The offer to Cash Out is made in real-time. The choice to cash out will be shown on the live betting web interface or smartphone app if the ticket is eligible. A button with a formula would appear, indicating what is available for the punter to consider at the moment.

According to NSoft, the feature has become a regular choice for sportsbook operators because it has a strong correlation with punter interaction and hence turnover.

It goes on to say that bettors like in-play betting operators that offer Cash Out because it encourages them to change their mind after placing a wager.