NFL Marketing Push Should Be Accompanied By Effective Conversion Tactics

When sports betting becomes more widely available around the country, any state that legalises it sees a burst in marketing activity from companies keen to sign up new clients. The marketing push is expected to peak ahead of the start of the new NFL season, as advertisers jockey for position to ensure that their products are the first preference of football sports bettors.

According to Solitics CEO and Founder Tomer Baumel, most of this ad spend would be lost if it is not accompanied by effective conversion tactics that ensure the audience becomes consumers.

Converting visitors to real-money players

Baumel elaborated: “While betting and gaming operators focus significant effort and budget on increasing traffic to their sites via multiple channels, there is still much to do with regards to missing opportunities to convert those visitors into real-money players.”

Beyond the standard one-size-fits-all deposit bonuses that lure costly bonus hunters who have no hope of becoming long-term players, Baumel argues that operators should use a variety of capabilities to engage website users.

Personalised deals

Personalising deals depending on the customer’s trip to the website, deliberately crafted landing pages to pique the customer’s attention, and well-timed operator brand experiences are all examples of this.

Baumel added: “Fortunately there are a series of things that operators can easily implement in order to make sure the ROI from their marketing budgets doesn’t suffer. There’s not much point using these big marketing budgets if they are not underpinned by a smooth conversion process.”