Las Vegas Casino Workers Two Weeks Away From Covid Vaccination

Hospitality employees in Southern Nevada, which includes Las Vegas, will be up for vaccination in the next two weeks, according to Nevada’s COVID-19 Task Force, while some hospitality workers in other counties will get it faster.

According to FOX5, the Southern Nevada Health District stated that there will be no special sites or pop-up pods for hospitality work, but that they will be guided to mega-sites such as Cashman Center or the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Vital to Last Vegas economy

When it is time for vaccines, the Culinary Union said it would educate staff on how to continue. It’s all called vital to Las Vegas’ economy, from hotel jobs to visitors receiving the vaccine.

George Kliavkoff, MGM’s President of Entertainment and Sports, said: “I think we’re creeping up close to that in the next couple of months. 

“We’re seeing a palpable change in the enthusiasm in Las Vegas over the last three or four weeks. That’s tied for us to a reduction in the COVID cases and the increase in vaccine distribution.”

Equitable access to the vaccine

Local 226 of the Culinary Union issued the following statement on the vaccine process: “Communities of colour, who have highest incidents of COVID-19 infection rates and deaths due to the virus, need equitable access to the vaccine. That includes the 60,000 frontline unionised hospitality workers who work in casinos and throughout the resort industry in Nevada.”

“As for the latest in the state’s rollout, more than 469,000 have been administered so far, according to the Southern Nevada Health District. The state’s shipment of Johnson & Johnson vaccines arrived Wednesday, with SNHD expecting 16,000 doses. If you get the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, it will be noted as “Jannsen” on your vaccination card,” the statement added.