Golden Entertainment Informs Of Network Malware Attack

Individuals have been alerted by Golden Entertainment of a network virus attack that may compromise the privacy of some personal information.

Despite the fact that the company has no proof of actual or attempted data exploitation, the notification explains the occurrence, Golden’s response, and resources available to assist protect data.

Network safeguard

The corporation realised that parts of its network were infected with malware in late January. As a result, it took steps to safeguard the network and performed an investigation with the help of computer forensic specialists to assess the extent and scope of the incident, as well as any data risk.

Around January 24, 2021, an unauthorised person obtained access to a segment of the network and encrypted network files, according to the inquiry. In addition, the investigation discovered that the unauthorised figure had obtained certain documents prior to the encryption.

Thorough review

Given the unauthorised access to network locations, Golden conducted a “lengthy and time-intensive thorough review of the potentially impacted information in order to identify the information that was potentially impacted and to whom it related.”

The group confirmed the individuals whose information was present around August 25, 2021, when the review was completed. The organisation next worked to verify the review’s findings with internal records so that any impacted persons may be notified as soon as feasible.

Individual names, dates of birth, social security numbers, driver’s licence or state identity numbers, financial account information, debit or credit numbers, and medical treatment or diagnosis information were among the information that was impacted, according to the investigation.

The company “took this incident and the security of personal information very seriously,” according to the notice, and “conducted a comprehensive investigation of the event to confirm its nature and scope” after detecting the activity.

Law enforcement and regulatory authorities

Golden “also notified law enforcement of the event and notified regulatory authorities,” according to the legislation.

Golden Entertainment also began distributing written notices to potentially impacted individuals on September 24, 2021.

As an added precaution, the group has provided free credit monitoring and identity theft protection services through Kroll – a provider of services and digital products relating to valuation, governance, risk, and transparency – to impacted individuals.

Finally, the organisation advised people to “be vigilant against incidences of identity theft and fraud by reviewing account statements and free credit reports for suspicious activity and reporting any such activity to law enforcement.”

They added: “Individuals can also enrol to receive the complimentary credit monitoring services offered within the letter.”

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