France’s Casino Location Laws Could Be Relaxed

A study submitted to the French Minister of the Interior indicated that the number of qualifying cities that can host casinos should be extended. Currently, out of 101, 38 French departments do not have a casino.

A relaxation of tourist municipalities would be suggested, according to MP Jean-Luc Warsmann. The study proposes that it should be possible for a municipality branded a tourist city and part of a population of more than 100,000 people to operate a casino.

Current requirements

Casinos come under the June 15, 1907 Act, which initially only authorised a casino to be hosted by seaside resorts or spa towns. This law was later extended to include climate stations, then in 1988 to cities at the head of an agglomeration with unique requirements of more than 500,000 inhabitants. For more than 15 years, Jean-Luc Warsmann and Didier Herbillion, the mayor of Sedan in the Ardennes region of France, have pushed for the relaxation of this legislation.

The President of the Republic met Jackie Goulet, Mayor (DVG) of Saumur, in early 2019, who pleaded for a casino in his city with all the representatives of the department. Emmanuel Macron reacted favourably, according to Mr. Goulet.

In Sedan, one of the 108 ideas included in the Ardennes Pact, an action plan for the department, since February 2019, has been the idea of a casino being built in the city’s castle.

Mr. Warsmann replied: “A lot of Ardennes play in casinos in Belgium because there is no casino in our department. I insist on defending France’s fiscal interests. In addition, a casino is a lever of attraction for the territories.”