France Galop Hopeful For May Restart For French Racing

France Galop, the French horseracing governing body, awaits permission by the government to restart its racing schedule behind closed doors.

Updating the newspapers, France Galop is trying to restore its May track meetings following the enforced suspension of all French professional sports on March 17, in compliance with the national lockdown orders of the Government.

President Emmanuel Macron announced this weekend that France’s lockout will be extended until 11 May, when the government would review citizens’ and business conditions.

France Galop’s governance has recently provided the Ministry of Agriculture with a set of steps, detailing how horseracing can function safely without burdening French health networks and emergency services.

The racing authority has pointed out that all track meetings must be ‘carried out in the strictest conformity,’ in compliance with social distance rules.

A statement by France Galop has said: “The industry had shown its ability to organise meetings behind closed doors whilst maintaining an excellent level of risk prevention of spreading the virus.

“In the context of racing behind closed doors, access to the racecourse had been strictly limited to a minimum of professionals who are essential for the organisation of a race meeting.”

France Galop’s funding mechanisms for participants would be another concern that needs to be addressed, as PMU cafes – French racing’s syndicated betting locations – would remain closed by lockdown restrictions.