Fitzdares Steps Up It’s Campaign Ahead Of Royal Ascot

Private bookmaker Fitzdares will break the pattern ahead of next week’s Royal Ascot (16-20 June) by introducing a new nationwide ‘luxury brand advertising campaign’

The campaign ‘Upgrade Your Bookmaker’ will be published in UK news magazines The Spectator, The Week, National Daily Newspapers and the Racing Post as well as on social media and aims to focus on Fitzdares’ customised service rather than bet promotion.

The adverts will run via digital and print until Royal Ascot week, starting on Tuesday, June 16.

Fitzdares emphasised that she wanted to step away from the ‘disposable offer-driven adverts that are ubiquitous across the UK media landscape’ and take a different approach instead.

William Woodhams, CEO of Fitzdares said: “We looked to the beautiful copy and simplicity of the David Ogilvy era, as we felt that our target audience still enjoyed longer form copy in magazines and newspapers.

“TV & digital is far too crowded with our huge spending competitors, so we looked for new places to find our audience. After some market research we discovered they were in the old places.”

In addition to the campaign, Fitzdares also celebrated the Royal Ascot this year with the roll out of a Virtual Royal Enclosure, which aims to elevate the viewing experience for those who watch at home.

Fitzdares encouraged punters in a statement to ‘settle in at home’ and watch the race through the bookmaker’s app or website. Members will be provided with a zooming background of the Royal Enclosure, in which five friends can also be involved.

Although the bookmaker advised not to attempt to emulate Ascot’s train journey home, the virtual experience will include a ‘best dressed’ competition, as well as cocktail and food delivery discounts during the gathering.

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