EVOS Esports Forms Indonesian Alliance With HCN

EVOS Esports, Southeast Asia’s leading esports company, has announced an exclusive Indonesian alliance with Hepmil Creators’ Network (HCN).

It was announced during a special announcement on Clubhouse, a social networking platform focused on audio-chat, by the co-founders of EVOS Esports, Ivan Yeo and Hartman Harris, and the co-founders of HCN, Karl Mak and Adrian Ang @ Xiao Ming.

HCN’s Reserved Media

By using HCN’s Reserved Media offering, EVOS Esports and HCN will be able to provide premium YouTube inventory to brands and advertisers in Indonesia.

The esports and gaming channel package is a crucial inventory, allowing marketers to hit Indonesia’s hard-to-reach Gen Z and Millennials. The alliance will also provide esports and gaming talent in Indonesia with the chance to participate in the Reserved Media network.

HCN is a digital artist agency that develops and empowers Asia’s next generation of content creators by allowing them to monetize their work by branded content promotions and increasing their AdSense sales through YouTube Reserved Media.

It is the first company in Southeast Asia (SEA) to sell advertisers premium Reserved Media inventory. The product is the product of HCN’s collaboration with Bent Pixels, a US-based digital media firm that holds the Reserved Internet sales rights thanks to its long-term relationship with YouTube.

EVOS’ employees, influencers and fanbase

EVOS Esports exclusively employs 160 game influencers and works with over 200 esports talent, with a combined fanbase of over 64 million YouTube viewers, 62 million Instagram followers, and over 350 million monthly impressions across Southeast Asia. Jonathan Liandi (2.7 million subscribers; 731 million views) and Dyland PROS are among the stars (13.4M subscribers; 1B views).

Brands will be able to secure heavily sought-after inventory on Indonesia’s top esports and gaming platforms using Reserved Media. During key advertising or launch times, brands will now be able to gain 100 percent share of voice on select networks, maintaining exclusivity.

Hepmil Media Group subsidiary

HCN is a subsidiary of Hepmil Media Group, which also controls other platforms in the area such as MGAG (MY) and PGAG. It is the sister company of Singapore-based content maker SGAG (PH). Via its alliance with EVOS Esports, Hepmil is making its first foray into the Indonesian market to extend its Reserved Media offering and platform inventory.

Hepmil Media Group’s Co-Founder and CEO, Karl Mak, said: “EVOS Esports is the top esports organisation in the region, and we are excited to enter the Indonesia Market through such a strong partner.

“The opportunity of Reserved Media and Esports has been validated to be successful in the US and we are excited to bring it to Indonesia with EVOS.

“Through this partnership, we will be able to expand our Reserved Media inventory and cater to advertisers in Indonesia who are not only hungry to enter the Esports & Gaming space, looking also for media buying opportunities to associate their brands with the industry.”

EVOS Esports Co-Founder and CEO Ivan Yeo said: “We are delighted to partner exclusively with HCN in Indonesia to offer premium inventory of YouTube’s Reserved Media to brands.

“EVOS Esports is open to offer this initiative to gaming talents in Indonesia, as it will serve as an additional revenue generation stream for them. I am confident this new offering will serve as a catalyst in elevating the esports and gaming scene in Indonesia.”

YouTube promotional properties

Marketers will be able to build YouTube promotional properties in a variety of ways, including skippable and non-skippable formats, to complement their branded content on YouTube channels. This will be accomplished in partnership with EVOS Esports and HCN’s gaming talent.

With full share of voice on select platforms, premium affiliation, and successful micro-targeting, marketers can optimise their marketing budget. Reserved Media allows advertisers to buy luxury marketing inventory from their favourite makers on specific platforms from a single point of touch.

Simultaneously, they would have complete control of commercial spaces on select platforms during the interaction cycle, preventing rival advertisements from interfering with targeting activities and maximising media expenditure.

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