DiRSG Introduce e-learning Module For LGBT+ Awareness

A new ‘e-learning module’ has been introduced by the Diversity in Racing Steering Group (DiRSG) to boost LGBT+ visibility and inclusiveness in UK racing.

The interactive curriculum was released to coincide with the PRIDE month and was further approved as one of British Racing School and National Horseracing College’s mandatory licencing courses.

The module was made available by DiRSG to all racing stakeholders at no cost through Racing2Learn

The DiRSG was introduced in early 2020, following research by the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) that found that many people who described themselves as a sexual minority did not feel confident ‘coming out’ at work.

The working group aims to affect social change and encourage a diverse and truly inclusive industry, ensuring that racing offers a welcoming atmosphere for anyone who identifies as LGBT+ so that they feel free to be their true self without fear of discrimination.

David Letts, who is currently researching in British racing for a PhD in Diversity and Inclusion, and is a member of the subgroup, said: “It is vital that we, as a sport, recognise and encourage diversity and inclusion at all levels; this education provides the basis for further developing our understanding of LGBT+ issues and their relevance within British horseracing.

“It is heartening to see the industry take a proactive approach to work in this area and particularly significant to be launching this e-learning during Pride month.”

New BHA Chair Annamarie Phelps, this month talked to the UK racing community about the value of diversity and inclusion as key factors in the sport that will be able to recover its popularity.

“I hope it will give everyone in racing the confidence to address questions about how to engage and embrace our current and growing LGBT+ community, and allow everyone in racing to be their true selves whether at work or having a great day out at the races,” Phelps said.