Camelot Under Scrutiny For Ad In Parliamentary Mag

Camelot UK has been asked to clarify why it has placed ads in The House ,parliamentary magazine advertising its business as the National Lottery’s operating company.

 MPs Richard Holden and Carolyn Harris of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Gambling Related Harm (APPG) expressed their concerns to the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) .

The commercials, according to the MPs, conflicted with Camelot’s responsibilities as the National Lottery’s operator, which require the organisation to rely exclusively on supporting the lottery’s support for good causes.

The MP’s letter read: “It’s unclear to us how an advertising campaign in The House magazine, serves to promote the National Lottery in order to increase returns to good causes.”

Own business identity ahead of the National Lottery

Camelot has placed its own business identity ahead of the National Lottery, according to the MPs, with ads advertising the company’s new alliance with ITV and the Daily Mail.

Camelot’s commercials in the House were considered an intrusion because they targeted MPs to support its new incumbent status while the government reviews the Fourth National Lottery deal.

The letter continued: “We are fearful that if the competition continues to allow the incumbent to mislead audiences as to its role in relation to good causes, it will lead to a situation where Camelot is awarded the licence for a fourth time and no credible bidders will be forthcoming in future competitions.”

Last October, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) launched its long-awaited procurement questionnaires, inviting bidders to participate in the Fourth National Lottery tender, bringing an end to Camelot’s 30-year reign.

SAZKA Group, a Czech gaming conglomerate, and Sugal & Damani, an Indian lottery operator, were the two companies to officially complete questionnaires, enabling them to pitch bids for the multibillion-pound deal.

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